Why I Regret Dying My Dark Hair Blond

Why I Regret Dying My Dark Hair Blond

Contrary to popular belief, (bottled) blondes do *not* have more fun.

It seems strange now, but growing up, I was pretty angry about having dark hair. I didn’t really feel like a brunette: I wanted to be blonde—a fun, bubbly, Marilyn Monroe-type blonde. My parents refused to allow me to dye my hair (“You’ll regret it,” they told me), but I did secretly experiment, spraying my hair with lemon juice before I went to the beach and also trying out—gah!—that aughts favorite, Sun-In.

When I hit my college years, I tested out a “red velvet” hue, and a few years after that (after I was back to brown), I added some *subtle* highlights. But it wasn’t until I was working in the beauty and fashion world that I really decided to get drastic: dying my hair rose gold for a story. I figured that once I was done with that quirky color, I’d slowly start transitioning into blonde. It was finally going to happen—I was going to get my wish.

Little did I know that things wouldn’t go as planned. They say blondes have more fun, but personally, I did not. Read on to find out why before you, too, hit the salon and hate it (and PS, sorry for these selfie poses), then check out this post on how to bleach your hair the *right* way. 

Before my whole hair journey began, my locks were basically untouched. The highlights had grown out and I was getting a bit bored—hence the reason I volunteered to go rose gold.
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