Getting Ready
alicia silverstone

You’ll Want to Add Alicia Silverstone’s (Vegan!) Ferragamo Dress to Your Shopping List

The actress took us behind the scenes as she got ready for the Save Venice gala.

By: Samantha Sutton

It’s not every day that one gets to attend a gala, so when you do, it’s important to dress to impress. That seemed to be Alicia Silverstone’s motto as she got ready for Save Venice’s Un Ballo in Maschera, an event the celebrated the history and achievements of the iconic city while giving back at the same time. The actress opted to go with a black Ferragamo gown and jewels, and as she prepped for the big night, she took us along for the ride. See the shots Silverstone captured ahead—including an elevator selfie—as she shares what the vibe was like, what food they had at the party, and what projects she has coming up.


What is the vibe like while you’re getting ready? “It’s chatty fun with my [makeup and hair] artists. Or my son is snuggling me. Or I’m working on my computer.”

“My everyday style is comfy and relaxed. [Tonight I’m wearing] a vegan Ferragamo dress and jewels, and vintage shoes that are replicas of the original designs from 1930. I felt so chic. It’s sexy, comfy, and elegant.”

Can you tell us about your upcoming films, American Woman and Book Club? [American Woman] takes place in 1975, and there are glamorous clothes, and hair, and makeup—it was a very sexy time. [It’s about] female liberation, and women finding their power and selves. [For Book Club], Diane Keaton was hilarious and so fun to work with. I love her. She would say funny, silly, nasty things to me right before we would do a take. I would laugh so hard I didn’t hear action.”

“In the car on the way to the event!”

“Another project I’m very excited about is my vitamin and herbal line called MyKind Organics. I co-created it. It's non-GMO verified, certified organic, all food based—nothing but food. The gummies are yummy and have no added sugar; they are sweetened with apples and peaches.”

“Yummy vegan food they had for us at our table. I usually eat a little dinner before going out, or soup. Yummy food! Always! But if I’m going out, I want nourishment, so I’m going for greens with Ume flax vinaigrette. Or some yum orzo zucchini soup with pesto.”

“At the end of the night. I need to clean up and I don’t want to take the dress off!”