It Turns Out We’ve Been Using Dry Shampoo All Wrong

Buckle up (literally) as Marianna Hewitt demonstrates her dry shampoo secrets. In collaboration with IGK Hair.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Styling Assistant: Daniella Deutsch
Director of Photography: Gabe Harden

As far as products go, we can think of few additions to our beauty routine that truly qualify as life-changing. Sure, a new blush shade or eye palette can encourage a double take in the mirror, but will it really shape the rest of your routine in tangible ways?

Dry shampoo is one of those rare innovations thats improved the course of our day-to-day exponentially. Remember the first time you used it and all of a sudden your whole style was fresh and revived? Whether it’s the fact that we get to regularly hit snooze in lieu of washing, save hair from over-sudsing, or get to breeze into the office after hitting pilates with just a few sprays…consider the game forever changed.



With that in mind, you can imagine how, when cool-kid cult favorite IGK Hair announced the arrival of their three Flight Club dry shampoos, our interest was piqued. Especially when we heard that each of the three products—Jet Lag, Direct Flight, and First Class—are formulated at three different cleanse levels that specifically address whatever it is your hair might need that day. Makes sense, right? What you’d want in a dry shampoo for a little lift after a fresh blowout is very different from what you’d require after a workout class (or 5 days of eschewing actual shampoo).

It goes a little something like this: The lightest cleanse level, Jet Lag, is ideal for use after a blowout or wash, especially if you have fine hair and are after a little volume boost. It applies completely invisible (even on dark hair) and is gentle enough for use on sensitive scalps that don’t typically love dry shampoos.


Next up? Direct Flight, the medium-strength multi-tasker of the set. Doing double duty as equal parts dry shampoo and texturizing styling spray, it’s the ideal when it’s been up to three days since your last wash. You can also spray through your ends for messy, buildable texture. Our favorite way to use it? Apply before heading to bed, and wake up to soft, touchable hair (without so much as a trace of oil lingering around the roots).

Finally, the big guns. Enter IGK First Class Dry Shampoo—their deepest cleanse. Because First Class actually cleanses the hair (you’ll need to wait 15-30 seconds to allow it to soak into roots before massaging in), you can use it to push your last wash up to 5 days (!) or even to refresh after a serious workout. While we love skipping washes as much as the next girl, typically, after something sweaty, were running for a hot shower and a shampoo. But with First Class through our roots and waiting the requisite 30 seconds and massaging into our hair, we were dumbfounded by the thoroughly cleansed, dry roots with plenty of volume and no weird residue. No need to stress about sweat, either—the entire line subtly scents hair to leave it smelling gorgeously clean and slightly citrusy. Move over, everyone else—there’s officially a new holy grail dry shampoo in town.



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