5 Total-Body Exercises You Can Do Outside

Now that it’s the first day of spring.

By: Noah Lehava

The last freak snowstorm has come and gone. Sigh. It’s finally the first day of spring. Halle-effing-lujah! If you, like us, have been hibernating since November, this is your call to get out of that cramped gym. Y’hear? Let’s just say we found the motivation when we found ourselves in London at Bodyism in Notting Hill and it just so happened to be :sunny:. So when we arrived, we asked trainer Alex Kelly to tailor some classic and super-effective exercises to suit our new, welcome sunny scenario. Here’s to more.



Move #1

Disco Lunge Using a Glider


“Place one foot on the glider. Slide this leg back so you come into a lunge position. Keep your front leg at a 90-degree angle, back knee towards the ground, then bring that back leg forward back to the standing position. If you’re wanting to challenge yourself, as you send the leg back on the glider, raise arms straight past the head with your thumbs up towards the ceiling.

“These movements work the whole of the leg, get your glutes activated, bum perky, hamstring strong. Your core gets fired up and arms become lean.”



Move #2

Mountain Climbers Using a Glider

“Place both feet on the gliders in a high plank position, shoulders over the wrists, palms flat on the ground. Bring one knee towards the chest, send this leg back and change legs, bringing the opposing knee towards the chest. Each time coming back to that high plank position while drawing the belly button into the back, keeping your tail bone long, and making sure you keep those hips stable and shoulders, bum, and ankles in one line.

“This will really strengthen the core, build up strength in the arms, wrists, shoulders, raise your heart rate, and get your metabolism going.”


Move #3

The Bodyism Y’s

“Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees, and stick your bottom out so your upper body leans forwards 45 degrees. Hold your hands directly below your chest with fists clenched and thumbs up, keeping your head and back in a straight line and your shoulders back and down. Engage your core by pulling your belly button in towards the spine. Raise both hands to create a Y shape above your head with your arms by your ears, then return to the starting point. Repeat 15 times.

“This targets your upper back muscles and shoulders, improving your posture, opening your chest. Perform this exercise slowly and with control to ensure your body stays relaxed and you’re really contacting the muscles.”


Move #4

Band  Walking

“Using a Bodyism band, place it just above your ankles. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands resting on your hips, and engage the core by pulling your belly button into the spine and making the back nice and long. Take one large step out sideways to the right, keeping the legs straight, feet parallel, and toes pointing forward.  Make sure you’re not using your body for momentum. Then bring your left foot in a half step, keeping tension in the band all the while. Repeat this movement for 10 steps on each side.

“This exercise strengthens and lifts your bottom like nothing else. It will also ensure your lower back stays strong.”


Move #5

Hip Extensions

“Lie on your back, knees bent hip-width apart while remaining parallel. With heels on the floor and toes in the air, place arms by your side and palms facing towards the ceiling. Lift your hips up off the ground, raising them as high as you can go and squeezing your glutes. Pause at the top for a second and then return to start position. Repeat 15 times.

“This helps strengthen the glutes while releasing tensions off the lower back. It really works the whole of the glute area.”