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This New Corner Eyelash Curler Is the Key to Faking Longer Lashes

Better yet, it’s under $20.

Alec Kugler

The quest for the longer eyelashes is a tumultuous one. To start, you have multiple factors to consider: genetics (RIP, our dreams of long, fluttering lashes), mascara,  growth serums, extensions, lifting, falsies, and of course, the ubiquitous curler. Remember the first time you picked up what is arguably the most dangerous-looking of all beauty tools? Whether you’re a novice or a pro—Petra Collins claims she can curl and walk at the same time—your eyelash curler can truly make or break the impact of your lash. But even the most adept among us still seem to encounter the same problem—our corner lashes, meaning those at the outside of our eyes, furthest from your nose, are positioned in a way that our curler can’t reach them, so they remain annoyingly straight while the rest are lifted. What’s a girl to do?

Bless the powers that be at beauty tool staple Tweezerman for coming up with the solution to our most dire eyelash problem. The Every Lash Curler (which looks disarmingly like nail clippers, so be on alert) is ergonomically designed to reach those stubborn outer lashes. You’re able to place the tool directly next to the lash line, and because it’s only about a half-inch wide, the corners are able to get the attention they deserve. Follow up your traditional curler with three to five seconds of the Every Lash, and the end result is perfectly curled, come-hither lashes. Coupled with the right mascara, your lashes will finally achieve the dramatic volume you’ve always wanted. Since it’s only $19, we recommend throwing one in your favorite bags so you can touch up your cat eye anytime, anywhere.


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