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CHANEL’s L.A. Pop-Up Celebrates Our Newest Instagram Obsession

If you love beauty, just wait until you peek inside.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Sydney Lopez
Photography: Tristan Kallas
Makeup: Alex French
Hair: Ruby

Is there anything quite like swiping on a brand-new, untouched red lipstick? It can make you feel anything from powerful to sensual to mysterious, not to mention strikingly beautiful, all at the same time. Few people understand this better than 24-year-old songstress Cynthia Nabozny, aka CYN, who recently caught the eye of the mother of all beauty brands, CHANEL. With the French powerhouse’s new pop-up space, CHANEL Beauty House, debuting March 1 in Los Angeles, who better to consult with about the captivating spell of red lipstick? We also got into the new CHANEL Instagram account @welovecoco with beauty eye candy made by the brands top fans.



“I use music as a way of understanding my feelings,” CYN (pronounced like sin) explains when she calls from L.A. “I’m a musician, [so] song made it easier to understand myself and get through hard times and really happy times as well.” The Michigan native—whose new single, Alright, debuts today—is prepping for our shoot at CHANEL Beauty House, and we confess what a dream it must be to play dress-up in CHANEL ready-to-wear and cosmetics. She wholeheartedly agrees. “It’s what I dreamed of as a little girl. Using these products just fulfills everything I think I am at the age of 24.”


After being discovered by Katy Perry when she was 18 (!!), CYN quickly developed her signature sound, which mixes the accessibility of indie pop melodies with sultry jazz tones. “I really love expressing myself, she says thoughtfully. “Creating something and being able to share it with people who also feel it is so special to me. I love being able to connect to people and look at someone and know that they’re feeling the same thing I’m feeling when it comes to the songs.”



With a passion for fashion and beauty that rivals her love of musical self-expression, CYN naturally counts the legendary Coco Chanel as one of her style icons. “I think there’s a certain attitude and a certain kind of poise [and] sophistication that you can embrace when you think about Coco Chanel,” she says. “Whenever I’m wearing white and black, I think of her, and of course [when I wear] the perfect red nail, as well. There’s just a character that I hope to embody when Im wearing CHANEL.” While she’s known for rocking some statement false lashes when she performs, CYN’s a die-hard lipstick fan for everyday, especially a classic red. “I feel more bossy when I’m wearing a bright red lip, but almost in a way that if I say something, people are going to take me seriously—but not be mad that I’m asserting myself. It’s timeless. I can’t imagine a time when you can’t wear a bright red lip.”


Her love of makeup eventually led her to the Instagram beauty community, including CHANEL’s new @welovecoco account, which celebrates the plethora of the brand’s user-generated makeup and skin-care content. “Because of Instagram, I know what highlight is. I had no idea. I’ve been doing my makeup for 10 years—since I was 14—and I never thought about what highlight was until I was 23 or 22. Also the difference between that and a matte look, I didn’t know your face could be wet or dry. I just thought you put makeup on. It encourages me to want to become involved and know more about products.”



With the interactive CHANEL Beauty House open through Sunday, March 4, beauty lovers can see all of the brand’s iconic lip colors (meaning you can swatch for days) and hopefully inspire your own beauty content. It may even be reposted on @welovecoco. We recommend testing CYN’s favorite shade, Rouge Tentation, while diving into a bathtub full of loose pearls. It’s what Coco Chanel would have wanted.


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