How to Become a Morning Workout Person in 60 Seconds

If we can do it, so can you.

How to Become a Morning Workout Person in 60 Seconds

In our eyes, weekday nights are for lounging, binge-watching our favorite Netflix shows, and simply giving ourselves the TLC we deserve. Which means we have no other choice but to squeeze in our sweat sesh in the early hours of the morning. Easier said than done, but not impossible. Practice the below, and you’ll turn yourself into a morning workout person in no time.


Be Prepared

It’s hard enough dragging yourself out of bed when it’s still dark outside, let alone having to scrounge around your room for your gym bag and workout clothes. Do yourself a solid favor, and lay out both your gym bag and clothing the night before so you can wake up, throw them on, and be out the door before you even have time to think about the fact that you’re headed to the gym.


Plan, Plan, Plan

We’re all a little disoriented first thing in the morning, and the last thing we want to do is plan out exactly what exercises we’ll be doing in the gym. Make things easier on yourself by preplanning your workout the night before, or heck, if you’re feeling really ambitious, create a plan for the entire week on Sunday evenings (because why not distract yourself from the Sunday scaries?).


Make Your Room a No-Phone Zone

Leave it to the queen of sleep to give us the best advice for falling asleep faster at night: “The most important element is do not charge your phone by your bed.” Little did you know this advice is also crucial to an early rise, as you’ll be forced to physically get out of your bed in order to turn off your alarm. Once you’re up and out, convince yourself it would be pitiful for you to get back into bed.


Turn to Some Inspo

If all else fails, take a scroll through the gram to find some inspiration, whether it be flipping through someone’s page whose gym bod you admire, or checking out an account full of feel-good quotes. Another one of our personal faves? Heading to YouTube to get a dose of Teyana Taylor.

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