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The Best Wellness Products You Can Buy on Amazon Prime

At your doorstep in 24 hours.

The Best Wellness Products You Can Buy on Amazon Prime

When you run out of your ride-or-die morning elixir or are desperate to try the beauty supplement that Shay Mitchell swears by, something like the following is probably the first thing to go through your head: X boutique wellness shop is too far to go during my lunch break. Ugh, I can’t go after work any day this week unless I cancel gym, drinks, dinner plans... Should I call in sick tomorrow, so I can go grab it?!

Before you go ahead and use one of your precious sick days to trek uptown, we have a suggestion for you: Check out Amazon. You already Amazon Prime everything else. The $400 billion e-commerce conglomerate is now boasting a pretty impressive bounty of boutique, chic, luxury wellness products. A bounty so vast, in fact, you may never have to head uptown again.

Intrigued? Check out our top 13 boutique wellness products you can have delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours. No cancellation of plans required.

Ancient Organics 100% Organic Ghee, $35
A dairy-free alternative to butter, ghee is praised for its bevy of nutrients including omegas, good fats, and vitamins A, D & E. When selecting a brand, you want to make sure the ghee you’re consuming is both organic and grass-fed, and Ancient Organics is one of the best options out there. Cook with it (it has a high smoke point, which makes it ideal for cooking), slather it on your toast, or mix it into your morning cup of joe.
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