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Selma Blair Says She Gained Her “Voice as a Woman This Year”

The actress took us behind the scenes of Christian Siriano’s fashion show, where she walked the runway for the first time.

By: Samantha Sutton

During New York Fashion Week, theres nothing quite like a Christian Siriano show. Aside from designing clothes that immediately make their way onto our wish lists, his front row is often filled with todays top celebrities (oh heyyy, Cardi B), and the group strutting their stuff is always beyond stunning and diverse. This year, for his 10-year anniversary show, Siriano went one step further, including non-models on the runway, like his sister, Shannon, actress Danielle Brooks, and actress Selma Blair.

Blair, who was cast in part to show support for the #MeToo movement, took us behind the scenes of her first-ever runway experience, snapping photos (with help from her pals Carolyn Griffin and Art Tavee) and captioning them with everything that was going through her mind at the moment. Read on to learn what it felt like walking out in that bodysuit, achieving a lifelong dream, and why she says this was the year she gained her voice as a woman.

“When you wake up knowing you are going to walk a major runway for the first time in a sheer, nude bodysuit, you know you are gonna need a reminder [that] your body is a thing to celebrate. And you are gonna need some eye gels.”

“I always loved seeing the models getting made up at the shows. Now I am one of them.”

“Waiting to get my hair pulled back and took a walk down hallway to the bathroom. Clearly, I am excited to be here.”

“Behind the scenes. And I am in awe of how three barrettes could look so dramatic and still simple.”

“How stunning? How heavy and important is this room? Brad Walsh took me on a tour pre-show. It has always been a space used by powerful men. Freemasons. And now, there was to be a fashion showing featuring the most diverse people to walk a runway. I gained my voice as a woman this year. Humbling. Proud. Christian is amazing to have showcased his talent and the beauty of those who modeled his clothes in this space.”

“My [look for the show] and red after-show dress. My photo from fitting. Makes me smile.”

“I asked Christian to take my picture in front of the lookboard. I stared at this board for so long. In awe of his talent. The women walking. What he has made happen in ten years. Nobody can make major shows like this happen in NYC anymore, it seems. And he did. In his way. Honoring so much and how far we have come. Love.”

“We are good bookends to Ashley, who opened the show. A curvaceous, gorgeous woman opening a huge show at NYFW. A first. And yes, she knows I am showing off her legs and those boots! Shannon is Christian’s sister. I love that we could both represent him today. We love this man.”

“Oh, I wish I were a real model. Everything about this says strength and glamour.”

“Dead in a sea of red. As in I died. In a good way.”

“After the show, I looked for a picture. My wrap had slipped a bit and I was holding it on. It was a blur. But a thrill. And an honor. Thank you Christian Siriano. A 5’4” woman walked the runway today. A childhood dream. I need a lot of practice. Next year?? I hope I will be 55 and still strutting down the runway for this powerhouse. He is the one to make something that wild happen. Thank you.”

Photo: Getty

“Catching up with Leigh at the after-party. I had this makeup on since 12 noon and hadn’t even brushed my hair. There was a beautiful dinner for Christian and his friends at The Moxy. And then he took care of us all as we feted his achievements. Up at six to catch a plane to my son. A really great day.”

“How much do we love these photos? Such a European story. The rose. The cell phone. The stairs. The red. Goodnight, New York. Thank you, Art Tavee and Carolyn Griffin, for documenting my favorite day in fashion. Thank you, Christian Siriano.”