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The 7 Most Popular Hair Colors This Year

The team at Suite Caroline salon revealed what shades fashion insiders are loving.

trending hair colors

In the spirit of New Year, New You month here at Coveteur, we’ve been eagerly planning our requisite makeovers, and what better way to start than with fresh new hair color? Since we’re always searching for the top trends in beauty *before* they take over our Instagram feeds, we decided to consult the team at one of New York’s buzziest salons—Suite Caroline—for the shades their clientele have been requesting lately. According to colorist Manuel Mauricio Bermudez, here are the seven hair colors you’ll see everyone rocking in 2018.


1. Butterscotch Brown

“A warm brunette with tons of sunshine running through it, giving the glow and mood of being an eternal beach baby.”


2. Super Golden Blonde

“An eye-catching, super shimmery blonde that has an expensive feeling, for those channeling their inner Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.


3. Pre-Raphaelite Red

“A red that is reminiscent of the era when Victorian womens portraits were painted, yet translates so well to this present time and feels very high fashion.”


4. Velvet Black

“A rich, velvety black that reads like a panther’s fur coat. Pairs best with a sleek, sharp cut/shape.”


5. Power Tones

“Strong singular hues that are animated and vivid. Best way to pull these tones off is to preserve a generous amount of the individuals natural root.”


6. Bi-Tonal Highlights

trending hair colors

“Blondes that have a gradient of tones that start from cool/smoky roots melting into warm/peachy mid-length and ends.”


7. Allegedly Natural

“Hair color seeming so natural that it doesn’t even look dyed. I like to achieve these colors usually by using a gloss like Redken Shades EQ.”


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