best underwear according to zodiac sign

The Underwear You Should Be Wearing According to Your Zodiac Sign

The stars have spoken (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

By: Samantha Sutton

Occasionally, whenever we’re feeling kind of lost, we turn to the stars for guidance. Our horoscope tells us about our love life, our career, what kind of wedding dress we should really, what’s stopping it from suggesting the perfect pair of underwear? (Admittedly, it’s that drawer that’s been on our mind in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.) It may not be an *exact* science, but using the most common descriptors, we picked out the perfect pair of panties for each and every astrological sign. Did we get it right? Kind of close? Way, way off? Click on through the gallery to find out, then shop your perfect match!



Capricorns are known to be practical, so barely-there underwear probably isn’t your thing. You need something fun and wearable, like these simple-yet-sexy, lace-back cheekies from MeUndies. Sure, you can get away with them day-to-day, but if you’re looking to show them off (winky face), they’re perfect for that, too.

MeUndies Lace Cheeky, $20


You’re unpredictable, Aquarius, and love being ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. That’s why we chose something that looks like your average, sweet pointelle thong….until you turn to the side and—BAM! Cute cutouts!

ELSE Pointelle Cut Out Thong, $70


This sign is described as artistic and free, so naturally, you’ll need a pair of panties that are eye-catching and, well, lace (it’s quite the “freeing” material). Enter Love Stories’ lace briefs, which mixes colors in such an aesthetically pleasing way, you’ll find yourself wanting to match your outfit to them.

Love Stories Dragonfly Lace Briefs, $55


Confidence is key, especially when it comes to Aries ladies. And what says confidence better than a red thong?! There are no frills with this Madewell pair; Aries are dynamic and quick, which is why we picked something you can wear anywhere, with anything, and throw on in a snap.

Madewell Jersey Thong, $13


If a Taurus was underwear, they’d be dependable and strong—aka a classic Gap Body pair that won’t fall apart after one wear. It’s worth buying these babies in a few different colorways, too: Not only are they part of a larger deal, Tauruses tend to love stability and are loyal to what they like!

GAP Breathe Bikini, $13


The symbol for Gemini is twins, meaning those under this sign are hot one minute and cold the next. So rather than going with something too this or too that? Treat yourself to a nude something, straight from ThirdLove, for all the versatility you need.

Third Love Seamless Thong, $12


Cancers are sentimental homebodies, which means undergarments should work for cozy nights on the couch...and possibly bring back memories from childhood? That’s why we’re standing by our choice of these Stella McCartney days-of-the-week briefs.

Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week, $225


You love the drama, Ms. Leo, so you need something a little ooh-la-la. A high waist and a little bit of lace is just your style! Just try not to stand around *too* long admiring them in the mirror.

Prelude Lace Embroidered Briefs, $95


No one is perfect, but Virgo, you come close. You pay attention to detail and strive to be the best...which is why we’d bet you’d match your bra and underwear, even when no one will see it!

Calvin Klein ID Metallic Stretch Cotton-Blend Jersey Bra and Brief Set, $60


Pink and lacy might not be for everyone, but then again, Libras aren’t exactly everyone! They’re known romantics and have quite the eye for beauty, making this b.tempt’d option the perfect match.

B’Tempted by Wacoal Lace Kiss Hipster Brief, $13


Scorpios are mysterious, but also passionate, and there’s nothing that fits that description better than a red pair of La Perla “knickers” with a hint of tulle.

La Perla Moonstone Poppy Red Lycra French Knickers with Tulle and Chintz Embroidery, $130


It’s important to remember not to take life too seriously—but you already knew that, didn’t you, Sagittarius? Your fun, loving nature is why we chose hipsters with a saying on it for you. Although, “snooze mode” might be something *every* sign is down for.

PINK Mesh Logo Hipster, $11