most popular nail colors 2018

The 7 Most Popular Nail Colors This Year

Miss Pop tells us the exact shades and sparkles that are truly 2018.

By: Hannah Baxter

We’re never ones to let the cold weather get us down, especially when the whole wide world of beauty is designed to keep you feeling fabulous year-round. In our opinion, one of the easiest ways to keep your look on point is to give your nails a little extra love, especially with how drying the cold air can be. So we decided to consult one of the top nail artists in the business for some 2018 shade inspiration—Miss Pop herself! She filled us on in the seven colors everyone will be rocking this season, in a range of prices and finishes, plus a few application tips to take your manicure to the next level.

“This winter, I’ve been in seasonal shade denial, she told us. “As the temperature has dipped and NYC has turned into a tundra, I’ve gravitated towards spring classics. I’ve been mostly painting pastels like pink, lavender, and powder blue with added iridescent sparkle, glitter, and shimmer. If the cold makes me want to stay inside, these glitzy tips make me want to hit the town...and whatever light I can find.”


Zoya in Leia: “This iridescent polish enhancer is my current obsession. I can’t stop painting it over lilac Zoya Libby for the most sparkle-tastic super femme nails.”

Essie in Bikini So Teeny: “This totally ’90s powder blue looks like a crème, but has a subtle hint of sparkle that really enhances the color but doesn’t read all razzmatazz.”

China Glaze in Head to Taupe: “In the winter, when skin is at its peak pale, nudes can be especially tricky. You don’t want to end up with washed-out mannequin hands. I switch from a pinky or peachy nude to a warm neutral like this taupe. It isn’t boring, but it isn’t bold. I also love to add matte topcoat over it for a gorgeous, soft texture like a cashmere sweater.”

OPI Infinite Shine in Turn On The Northern Lights!: “This shade turns navy into a celestial event. For anyone else, it just looks like a dark blue, but for the person wearing it, there’s a gorgeous red micro-glitter glow. It’s very understated, but offers the kind of secret payoff that will keep you enchanted.”

Orly in Mirrorball: “From the Laverne Cox ‘Celebrate Yourself’ collection collab comes this holographic silver stunner. It will make every finger feel like a party.”

Deborah Lippmann in Footloose: “Fiery and always chic, Footloose is the perfect lipstick red for your nails.”

CHANEL in Celebrity: “A pitch black CHANEL shade that is on the pulse. Of course Karl Lagerfeld’s house had the forethought to name it Celebrity even before #TimesUp.”

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