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This London Flat Is the Perfect Mix of British and Parisian Style

Welcome to jewelry designer Anissa Kermiche’s lovely abode.

Step into Anissa Kermiche’s London flat, and you’ll quickly notice the jewelry designer’s penchants for bright colors, oversized plants, and naked bodies, the latter of which much of her work mimics. “I hate boring and common,” she says—a sentiment that becomes more and more evident as you observe chairs shaped like hands, a photograph of topless women mounted above the fireplace, and a vibrant handwoven rug that was passed down from her grandmother.

Born and raised in France, Kermiche worked as a consultant in the engineering field before moving to London to pursue jewelry design. “[It] was like breaking up with corporate life,” she says of the move. “I was looking for discovering, and as bad as it sounds, I wanted to stay away from the French crowd.” After living in a few different neighborhoods, Kermiche settled in Marble Arch. “There’s noise and pollution, and it’s just what I like,” she says. “It’s buzzing. Quiet streets really stress me out—I need to be constantly stimulated.” As for what drew her to her current apartment, it was a bit of what she was trying to get away from. “It has these high ceilings and wood floors and great molding. It reminds me of Paris [laughs].”

Click through for a tour of Kermiche’s home, her decor philosophy, and the story behind her namesake jewelry brand.

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“I feel like, as my fashion style evolved, my interior design style evolved as well. I had that Danish moment where I wanted white walls and Danish design and a lot of light; white rugs, plants—kind of Instagram-like and a bit cliché. Now I’m evolving. I think that in your 30s, you can fully express yourself. But I’m sure at 40 maybe I’ll want like, wallpaper with flowers [laughs].”
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