Emily Oberg on Her Dream Sneaker Collab & Internet Strangers Asking Her to Prom

Sporty & Rich’s founder on growing up a sneakerhead and working out with celebrities for Complex. New York.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor, Meagan Wilson, Tara Gonzalez

Walking into Emily Oberg’s studio apartment in Williamsburg, we hardly knew where to focus our attention—were we to start first with the seemingly never-ending row of sneakers lined up at the door, or with the rows upon rows of them beneath her TV? Before we could even make a decision, Oberg opened both of her closets to reveal not one, but two large drawers filled with moreyou guessed itsneakers. While we listened to Drake’s More Life and Kendricks latest, “Humble”(the video had dropped the night before), we got to work balancing CHANEL sneakers on vases, squeezing Nikes between Supreme and JJJJound knickknacks on her kitchen shelf, and perching Jordans along her bed frame, tossing in a Saint Laurent bag or two for good measure because, well, this is Emily Oberg we’re talking about here.

As you may know, Oberg was recently appointed creative lead of Kith’s Women division—quite the move for someone who is not yet 24. But the fact that this creative force is a hard worker who knows *exactly* what she is doing in this industry is no news. She just wrapped three years at Complex, where she was editorial producer (and a regular on-camera reporter, of course), and alongside her duties with Kith, shes still shooting weekly Get Sweaty episodes on top of running her own brand, Sporty & Rich (with which she is about to release the second edition of her print magazine). Tbh, it makes us tired even thinking about.

Even though Oberg is crazy-talented and busy making her mark on the industry, the Canadian is just as down-to-earth and chill IRL as she was in all of her Complex newscasts and Get Sweaty episodes (don’t act like you haven’t seen every single one of them). Click through the gallery below to understand why Oberg has such a loyal fan base (who offer to take her to prom), find out which celebrity she had a fangirl moment over, and what happened that *one time* she drank.


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