Zendaya’s Latest Appearance Restored My Faith in the Red Carpet

Talk about ending 2017 with a bang!

By: Laurel Pantin

Yes, I’m a little late to this party, but when I saw Zendaya in Moschino’s Monarch butterfly dress on the red carpet for The Greatest Showman it made my heart stop for a second. Her stylist, Law Roach, who calls Zendaya his “fashion soul mate” (read all about him here and check out his equally insane closet here—he also styles Céline Dion, and if that doesn’t convince you see what his personal style is like, I don’t know what will) posted the below photo of her from the red carpet in Australia:


Hi, hi, hi, yes, hello, this is exactly what we needed to end the year on a high note! At a time when basically every red carpet is populated by ho-hum sparkle dresses, ball gowns, or “old-Hollywood glamour” (snooze), this kind of risk-taking and fashion-insanity reminds us this is what it’s all about. Bless you, Law. Bless you, Zendaya. We love you.