11 Dope Gifts for Your Chicest Stoner Friends

Light up in style.

11 Dope Gifts for Your Chicest Stoner Friends

It’s no secret that we’re all for partaking in everyone’s favorite recreational pastime (we even went to a super secret cannabis supper club this year!), but sometimes the options in paraphernalia are…less than chic. In our opinion, smokers deserve more than the tacky pipes buried in the back of Spencer’s Gifts. Luckily, thanks to the wonder that is Instagram, we’ve uncovered some of the best and most stylish pipes, papers, and pens for gifting your most fashionable of stoner friends (or even a little treat for yourself). Just remember—sharing is caring!


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@hacienda_ware

These pipes, with their modern, triangular shape and pastel faded colors, are at the very top of our wish list.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@yewyewshop

With two minimalist-chic shapes and a new limited-edition collab with Bing Bang, we can’t wait to surprise our most fashionable stoner friends with a treat from Yew Yew.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@summerland_ceramics

Why shouldn’t your preferred pipe double as a piece of art?


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@thepursuitsofhappiness

We’d happily smoke out of these mid-century pipes all season long.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@sweetflag_shop

We’re partial to this citrine quartz pipe, which helps awaken creativity and imagination.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@dope_papers

No more boring rolling papers for your communal joints—these are so much cuter!


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@stonedwarecompany

Stonedware’s unexpected designs barely even look like pipes, but we promise they’re even more fun than the original.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@shopjanewest

A bong that can double as a gorgeous vase is basically two gifts in one.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@beboefamily

A rose gold vape pen that’s been called “the Hermès of Marijuana”? Yes, please.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@levelupceramics

Level Up’s pipes are so crazy adorable, you might as well get two—one to keep for yourself and one to gift.


Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@highnoonhigh

For your minimalist friend who likes her smoking experience to be as sophisticated as possible.


Top photo: Courtesy of Yew Yew


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