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What 3 Cool Girls Eat after a Night Out with Friends

The art of the late-night, post-going-out meal includes cheese fries and chocolate.

What 3 Cool Girls Eat after a Night Out with Friends

Tell me this scenario doesn’t ring true almost every single weekend: You go out with your friends for a night of dancing (living room dance floors count), there’s lots of laughing, reminiscing, and, ahem, a few cocktails (or not! whatever you fancy). By the time you’ve all decided it’s time to call it a night, it’s three o’clock in the morning and dinner was yesterday, which means a late-night snack is all you can think about (you know, as fuel or to soak up all the margaritas you just downed). So to get inspiration beyond our tired microwaved improvised nachos, we asked a few of our very cool friends to tell us what they love to nosh on after a late night out.


Chelsea Leyland, DJ and Epilepsy & Cannabis Activist

“My latest thing is making weird healing potions like hot ginger and turmeric. I keep it on the boil for a couple of days so the ginger gets more and more potent. This is the best for the winter and amazing for the tummy! I always hit the chocolate late [at] night in bed.... It’s my guilty pleasure.”


Fatima B., Stylist

“Normally after a night at the club, my friends and I head to Chinatown to this spot called Wo Hop. It’s like an underground authentic Chinese spot where a lot of people go after-partying. It has [a] cool lil vibe.”


Jessica Hart, Supermodel & Founder of Luma Cosmetics

“My late-night snack depends on which city I’m in; if it’s L.A., then IN & OUT, and if in NYC, it’s cheese fries from Papaya Dog.”

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