How to Take a $1,600 Bath

How to Take a $1,600 Bath

Treat yourself!

If at this point I’m not an expert bath taker, likely nobody is. I take a warm bath every single night in what is more of an exercise in relaxation and indulgence than getting clean. Very rarely is soap involved, if I’m being honest.

It’s my absolute favorite part of my day, and I’ve been known to spend upwards of an hour and a half soaking on weekends. True story.

Because I consider the whole bath thing a personal hobby, I really know how to do it right and max out my experience (and my wallet in the process).

Here’s what goes into my extra-indulgent Sunday bath routine.

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Sky Organics Epsom Salt, $15

The first step is to obviously put water in the tub. Because I’m pregnant, I can’t make the water quite as hot as I would like it (you’re not supposed to soak in water above 100 degrees or something), so it’s more on the extreme side of warm than super hot. While the tub is filling, I pour in some Epsom salts (by “some,” I mean half the bag) and let those dissolve while the tub fills. I prefer the unscented sort—I find the scented versions can be too cloying.

Epsom salts are key in relaxing muscles, easing joint pain, easing stress, and aiding with digestion. I find including them in my bath really helps me sleep.
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