Exclusive: A First Look Inside Kith’s Newest Shop

Housed inside luxury department store Hirshleifers, it’s a *very* good reason to visit Long Island.

By: Leah Faye Cooper
Photography: Julia Robbs

We were struggling to find the words to describe Kith’s newest shop when founder Ronnie Fieg walked in and spoke them for us. “Dude...this is insane,” he said. Simple, but accurate.

Located inside luxury Long Island retailer Hirshleifers, which houses everything from CHANEL and Fendi to Off-White and Fear of God, the shop opens to the public tomorrow, Friday, November 24. Earlier this week we got an early look at the space, bearing witness to Fieg’s reaction upon seeing it fully stocked with Kith merchandise for the first time (hence his use of the word “insane”).

“It’s not your traditional shop in shop,” Fieg told us. “That’s not what Hirshleifers does. They do it in a very elevated way, where they really bring in the DNA of the brand.” In the case of Kith, that means an exterior partially flecked with ceramic Air Jordan 7 casts, neon signage, and a Kith Treats cereal and ice cream bar.

Fieg was first introduced to Lori Hirshleifer and David Sills, the husband-and-wife team who run Hirshleifers along with Lori’s two sisters, by a mutual friend. A longstanding respect for each other’s brands laid the foreground for the collab.

“Even before we met and became friends, we’d always seen Kith as a transformative brand, and [Ronnie] is a transformative retailer,” Sills says, “so being able to partner with him and open this shop was super exciting. And this whole convergence of brands is remarkable—that Kith could be sitting next to CHANEL.”

Ahead, Fieg walks us through the new shop, talking the Kith x nonnative collab (dropping tomorrow), why Hirshleifers is a sentimental location, and his latest Kith Treats obsession.


“Anyone who’s ever met [the Sillses] will tell you that they’re really, really good people, and that’s part of the motto of the brand. Kith means ‘friends,’ and I think the business has kind of flourished by me working with my friends.”

“It’s a big enough space, and it sits within a really amazing location within the store, so I think it’s as much Kith as you can get outside of being in our shop.”

“I gave [Hirshleifers] the whole breadth of the brand, which includes women's and kids. All of [our] Kith product and all of our collaborative product will be here. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.”

“For many reasons I want to be here, but most importantly, I grew up in Queens, and for it to be this close to Queens...I think that’s amazing. I get to give a piece of what I do to a lot of people from my hometown.”

“We focus on the experience of wherever our brand is showcased, and getting it to this point was a natural, organic progression, but I feel like it’s a very big milestone for us to be able to present ourselves in this type of setting.”

Shoe, Kith x nonnative x adidas UltraBOOST Mid; dropping Friday, November 24

“Recently I’ve developed a palate for a new special. It’s Lucky Charms and Rice Krispy Treats cereal blended with ice cream. It’s really good.”

“Two brothers in Italy make 25 pairs [of these Fracap boots] a day out of their factory. They’re all handmade and shearling-lined to the toe.”

Boot, Ronnie Fieg x Fracap

“nonnative is my favorite brand out of Japan. I was there a few years ago and fell in love with the brand as a whole. I think that it’s some of the best product in the world, actually. If you feel some of these garments and look at the construction...the attention to detail is just remarkable.”

Parka, Kith x nonnative; dropping Friday, November 24