The Boots I’m Wearing to *Every* Party This Season

The Boots I’m Wearing to *Every* Party This Season

Because nothing beats a classic.

Alec Kugler

I prefer dresses and skirts to pants, and regardless of the temperature, I like my hemlines short. That means I need something to cover my legs in the winter, lest I freeze to the core as I go from party to party. For the past few years, we’ve seen over-the-knee boots in nearly every variety—structured, stretchy, flat, and stiletto-heeled. The ones that always leave me thinking, “Must have,” though, are these Stuart Weitzman boots. For starters, they come in my size (11) and are tall enough to *actually* go over my knees (not the case with most styles, as I’m a soaring 6'1"). What makes them even more exciting is that they’re made from a supremely soft suede and instantly make short dresses seasonally appropriate. I’ve been telling myself for ages that I’m going to treat myself to them, and with all the holiday parties on my calendar, I have several reasons to.

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