18 Super-Stylish Gift Ideas That Are Ethical And Sustainable

To gift your friend who is a fan of Emma Watson.

18 Super-Stylish Gift Ideas That Are Ethical And Sustainable

Earlier this year, we got a (seriously!) once-in-a-lifetime invitation to shoot Emma Watson’s closet and hear more about her commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. She’s incredibly well informed, and we applaud her insistence on promoting eco-conscious and responsible labels. Emma, we salute you!

But having a friend like her is hard—what do you gift someone who is both insanely stylish and insanely deliberate in the things she chooses to wear and use? It takes a bit more research and work, but there are loads of options. Companies like Maison De Mode, Shen Beauty, and brands like Tome and Brother Vellies are all making major strides in this space.

Here are our top picks for what to gift your pal.


Remember, She’s Anti-“Stuff”

The key to giving this type of friend a fashion item is to really think about it. Sounds obvious, but she’s not going to want something just for the sake of something (truly, if you’re really stumped about what to gift her that she’ll actually love, make a donation in her name to a charity she cares about). But if you do go the clothing route, pick jewelry or a cozy sweater—something that you can’t screw up too badly with sizing.


For Living Well

Living well, for her, means with consciously produced, beautiful objects that she’ll use for years. The below tick all the aforementioned boxes.


The Best of the Bathroom

Happily, there’s an abundance of green and responsibly produced (but also indulgent) beauty goodies on the market. Look for spa products and sets to help her unwind—the newest, latest sparkly eye palette is likely going to be lost on her.

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