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3 Pretty Holiday Hair Looks and How to Pull Them Off

Hairstylist James Pecis can officially do no wrong.

3 Pretty Holiday Hair Looks and How to Pull Them Off
Weston Wells

The party invites are lining up, and we’ve been hankering for some holiday beauty inspiration. We called on one of our favorite hairstylists, Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis, who has created countless cool styles for the runway, to dream up some pretty fall/winter looks. And, we figured, no one better to see them on than fashion blogger Lainy Hedaya, who has a head of hair a girl could really get jealous over. But, fear not, you don’t need backstage credentials to pull off these looks. Below, get Pecis’ how-tos for these romantic and fun styles to match your best party outfit.




HOW-TO: To build the foundation of this updo, Pecis suggests using Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray and blow-drying everything away from the face (he uses the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer). Then, make four sections of braids: The top one is essentially a really loose corn row going back, he says, and then the sides and the back are typical three-strand braids. Loosen the braids a bit by pulling them open, and give them a dusting of Oribe Swept Up for texture. You’ll pull those three into the crown—one by one, pinning them back separately and wrapping them around, creating more height in the back of the head. Then the top section is your last one to go back, which you tuck inside. Just keep massaging the braids, he says, then add the three elastic headbands to create more ridges and shape. Finish with hair spray.

Dress, Elizabeth and James




HOW TO: The cool thing here? It’s not a braid. “We’re just tying knots in the hair,” says Pecis. That means taking two pieces from either side and looping them together. First you take the center section, and you pull that straight back. Next, take hair from both sides and tie it in a knot over the top. Then you just keep adding and adding. “It’s even easier than a braid,” he says. “You’re just tying knots straight down. It’s romantic, controlled, but down.” Finally, he adds a pretty gold barrette for a party-perfect finish.

Hair accessory, Oribe




HOW TO: This retro look can be sexy and feminine with high shine. First, take out a horseshoe section of hair at the crown and saturate it with Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse, combing it straight up. Put a rubber band on it halfway down, and start pushing it forward to build the height in the front. Pin that down with some bobby pins, then separate the rest of the hair into two sections. Coat each one with texture mousse, and create two upside-down French twists on each side, with the ends hanging out of the bottom. Tie the ends together. Finally, use Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray over the whole thing. “Lots of shine,” says Pecis.


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