Sunday Spa Routine

Our Account Director’s Sunday Spa Routine for Super Sensitive Skin

And most of it’s from the drugstore!

By: Sophie Levine Gershberg
Photography: Ben Ritter

As someone who breaks out from the mere whiff of fragrance on a passerby, I have become extremely cautious about what I put on my sensitive skin. It can be *very* hard to resist the constant flow of product sent to Coveteur’s office (hello, fancy serums and luxurious moisturizers!), but the occasional indulgence has only lead to breakouts and a sad acceptance that my skin is resistant to change.

I am a true loyalist (an unapologetic, bonafide Scorpio) and have consistently used the same products for many years—some even as far back as high school. While there have been a few new special additions (can’t resist a Glossier face mask), the rest of my skin-care routine consists of 99 percent drugstore products that have yet to fail me.

Check out my tried-and-true products that clean and hydrate my sensitive skin!


On days when I am wearing makeup, I’ll start my skin care with makeup remover wipes—Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes to be exact. Since it is Sunday, and I’ve just come from pilates, I am makeup-free, so I start my routine with Cetaphil to gently remove sweat, dirt, and oil on the top layer of my skin.

Next up is Pantene shampoo in the shower. Moisture Renewal is the way to go, now that the weather is getting colder and humidity is no longer in the air. Full disclosure: I mostly just love it because it smells amazing.

I use a *tiny* drop of conditioner at the ends of my hair, just to make sure that moisture is locked in each strand.

This is one of my most-loved products of all time. The gentle scrub helps to exfoliate and prep my skin for moisturizer once I am out of the shower, and the light scent is fresh and subtle enough for my sensitive skin. I’ve never had a reaction from it.

After the steam of the shower has opened up my pores, I use a Biore strip to clean out any gunk that settled into my face from a week of being in the dirty New York City air. The best part is when you take it off and sneak a satisfying peek at what’s been left behind.

After my face has been cleaned, exfoliated, and extracted, it is time for a soothing recovery with Glossier’s Moon Mask. It’s super hydrating, and after applying a thick layer I wait 20 minutes as it seeps into my skin and plumps it with moisture.

While I wait for the mask to work to its full potential, I reach for my favorite Tweezers (still going strong after almost 10 years) and obsess over every last stray hair. Nothing worse than starting off the week with an accidental uni-brow.

After 20 minutes, I rinse off the mask (which works into a rich, thick lather), pat my face dry, and reach for my daily moisturizer to seal everything in. I apply a light layer and pat it under my eyes. I make sure to protect my skin with SPF even during the winter months.

To top off my Sunday routine, I end with a classic, no-fuss lip balm to prep my lips for the dry air outside and make sure they are protected from the ever-changing elements.