32 Diamond Pieces to Buy Yourself at Every Life Stage

Self-gifting is the very best kind.

32 Diamond Pieces to Buy Yourself at Every Life Stage

We’ve grown up being told that we should wait for a man to buy us diamonds—that women shouldn’t, or couldn’t, get jewelry for themselves. “It’s just not done!” they’d say. “It’s not the thing!”

Well, we’re here to officially call bullshit on that statement, slam down our credit cards, and buy ourselves something sparkly and nice. However, just because we’re talking diamonds doesn’t mean we’re necessarily talking four-plus figures. The key to self-gifting is to not bankrupt yourself in the process, and thus, there are appropriate pieces and price ranges for every major life milestone. So you can consider this your handy road map to celebrating yourself and still being able to pay the rent.


Because it’s Friday and you can…

Listen, we all need a little pick-me-up sometimes. If you’re thinking “diamonds” just because, allow us to recommend the following items which all fall somewhere between the $100-$500 range.


Because you got a raise…

Unless we’re talking major raise, you’re likely going to want to celebrate somewhat responsibly—but celebrate nevertheless. Here are our picks under $1,000.


Because you’re turning 30…

Ooooo, a big birthday means big presents! For a milestone birthday, we’re kicking the budget up to $2,000. Pick something timeless rather than trendy, and maybe one day you’ll pass it along to your own daughter on her 30th.


Because you got a huge new job…

That job you’ve been interviewing for for the last six months? It’s finally yours. With your fancy new title comes a fancy new salary and, we think, a new sparkly thing to go with it. These are all under $3,000. Congratulations, you’re now entering the territory of “big girl” jewelry.


Because you’re having a baby…

Squeee!! A baby! Commemorate your body working a true miracle with something super-special. These picks are between $3,000 and $5,000.


Because the company you founded just went public…

You officially have a license to go nuts, and therefore, there are no limits. Go crazy!

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