We Tried the  iPhone X and It Really Is That Big of a Deal

We Tried the iPhone X and It Really Is That Big of a Deal

We tried every feature and gave it our review.

Katherine Holland

We’ve already had a few days to play with Apple’s latest release (*humblebrag*), and let’s just say the iPhone X is our new BFF. It even recognizes us by face!

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, iPhone X is the “future of smartphones.” And with just over 72 hours of experience with this bad boy, we’re listing five reasons why we totally agree:


It unlocks with your face

For anyone who has fantasized about being a big-time spy, your moment is finally here. iPhone X utilizes FaceID technology, meaning that just a glance will make it ready for use (here’s my trippy setup video). Farewell fingerprint!

Oh, and since we asked: The technology will constantly update depending on your features, taking into account your aging, cosmetics, tans, and so on. It even works with sunglasses.


It makes you a talking emoji

Welcome to your new preferred method of communication: the Animoji. The iPhone X uses FaceID to mimic your facial features into animated emojis you can speak, sing, or lipsync through and then send over iMessage or text. The first edition features seven of your fave emojis, from the unicorn to the smiley poop to the alien.

On top of the brand-new Animojis, the latest emoji updates are live with iPhone X. Have a peek at over 100 new options. Our early faves are clearly the mermaid, the genie, and the vampire.


It makes clicking a thing of the past

iPhone X utilizes the entire display as a screen, effectively getting rid of the home button and the previous bars. You can now access the lock screen with a simple tap. It also makes photos way larger (especially with an extra stalky zoom—trust us).


Best of all… It makes you a pro photographer

Possibly the most major of all the iPhone X features is its portrait lighting, which will take all your selfies to the next level. The camera now features five different portrait modes:

Natural Light: Your subject’s face in sharp focus against a blurred background.

Studio Light: A clean look with your subject’s face brightly lit. (Honestly, will Kim even send her photos out for editing anymore?)

Contour Light: Dramatic shadows with highlights and lowlights. (Perfect for those who really need to chill with the glam glow—Apple’s contour is way more realistic.)

Stage Light: Your subject’s face spotlit against a deep black background. (Hello, new headshot?)

Stage Light Mono: Like Stage, but in classic black-and-white.


It finally has some ideas for those Live Photos

If you were into Live Photos but had no idea what to do with them, iPhone X will now transform them into GIF-like loops, bounces, or long exposures.

In addition to these features, iPhone X makes the most of all the amazing features from the i0S update, like Augmented Reality (AR) in its apps, enhanced multitasking, and more. #Obsessed.


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