A Mother-Daughter Design Duo Takes Us Inside Their Luxe Manhattan Home

We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again—jewelry designers have the best homes.

By: Leah Faye Cooper
Photography: Alec Kugler

If you’re in the market for jewelry that’s truly fit for a queen, consider adding Toni + Chloë Goutal to your list of purveyors. Founded by an NYC-based mother (Toni) and daughter (Chloë), the collection is comprised of Edwardian- and Victorian-era crescents and stars—some plucked from centuries-old tiaras—affixed to chains to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Though neither Toni nor Chloë ever envisioned a career in fine jewelry, that changed after the two took a trip to London and Chloë spotted an ornate silver moon at an antiques shop she couldn’t leave behind.

“I begged and begged her for it,” she says of the exchange that ensued with her mother. “I said, ‘It can be my birthday present, it can be my everything present—please!’ She ended up getting it for me, and I put it on this crappy thin chain that I had from another necklace. I was wearing it around that summer in the Hamptons and literally getting stopped on the street. [People would ask], ‘Where is that from? What designer is that?’” When Chloë told her mother about the flurry of questions, the two decided to go into business together and were soon back in the U.K., sourcing gem-encrusted celestial pieces and nineteenth-century chains. They officially launched their brand in 2015.

“It’s great that she’s young and I’m older, because she does a lot more of the creative," Toni says of working with her daughter. “It’s a really, really, really good experience.”  

We recently spent an afternoon with Toni and Chloë at the Goutals’ family home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Ahead, more on their jewelry, aesthetic, and inspirations.


“My mom and I have always been extremely close. Both of my parents did a great job, in my opinion—nothing was ever taboo to talk about. We’re a super open family, so that allows more than just a mom-and-daughter relationship.” —Chloë Goutal

“We went on a road trip from London to Edinburgh, Scotland, and there was [a] small store outside of Manchester where we found that star. It was a silver shop, actually, where they sell mostly cutlery. We asked to see what jewelry they had, and there was that star.” —Toni Goutal

“Those are Picasso lithographs. They were my grandfather’s.” —TG

“I grew up listening to The Beatles; my dad and I were always obsessed. Those photos are by Richard Avedon.” —CG

“My sister died quite young, at 39, and she was a jewelry designer. That’s [one of the ways] we’re inspired. She collected perfume bottles, and those were all hers.” —TG

“My sister was obsessed with Victorian jewelry, so I’ve always loved that era, and the star and the moon thing is astrological, and I’ve been into that my entire life. I love the physical motif of the moon and the star, and that’s why we keep it just those two things.” —TG

“I adopted [my dog] from the Animal Rescue Foundation. They were going around Union Square in a truck. I had no plans of adopting a dog, but I walked in and there she was and it was game over. I literally called my roommate on the way back downtown saying, ‘We have a dog!’ My mom had a heart attack [laughs], but she’s the best. I know it’s cliché to say, but she’s actually my best friend.” —CG

“I think there’s something super romantic about our pieces. There are hidden messages in a lot of them. I have this long, open diamond crescent, and on the inside it says, ‘To Sarah Love John 1904.’” —CG