Olivia Culpo Has a Shoe-Filled Closet You Need to See

Her Hollywood loft also houses CHANEL fanny packs, airy blouses, and copious bottles of champagne. Los Angeles.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen
Personal Styling: Anita Patrickson

We’re not sure how you like to spend your Sunday mornings, but us? Well, we like to spend it with friends over mimosas and the freshest, most delicious brunch spread ever. But you know what really tops it off for us? When that friend happens to be Olivia Culpo and the brunch locale is her Hollywood loft. Yes, it really doesn’t get much better than that. Until, you know, she gives you clearance to rummage through her wardrobe.

As you can imagine, there were tiaras and sashes perched across a myriad of surfaces—because the too-pretty-to-look-at Culpo’s not-so-average career started with her Miss Universe crowning not that long ago. And the closet itself, well, it features glimmers of her pageant past, brimming with studded and sequined Louboutins, brushed-gold Jimmy Choos, and who knows how many girly white blouses and dresses. But it’s Culpo’s off-stage sartorial choices that are really worth noting. “I’m really a fan of simple elegance,” she told us as she pulled out a vintage CHANEL fanny pack (!!) and piled pairs of Manolos into our arms. Let’s just say that from then out there was a lot more gab over her awesome Met Gala 2016 look (and the requisite prep time), how bananas calm her nerves (seriously), and the surprisingly hilarious last thing she Googled. Yeah, it’s a good one.