15 Beauty Lovers on the Product They Bought Because the Internet Told Them To

Let’s see if they work.

By: Zoe Weiner

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When it comes to beauty, the internet can be a dangerous but amazing black hole. Between blogs, social media, and sites like Bustle and Coveteur, finding (and buying) new products has never been easier. If you’ve ever fallen asleep while scrolling through your Instagram Discover page and woken up with an Amazon Prime package full of Korean sheet masks on your doorstep, you know what I’m talking about.

While some online discoveries are utterly life-changing (looking at you, Huda Beauty) and others are best left to die in the depths of internet history (never again, “nostril hair extensions”), it’s hard not to be tempted by whatever of-the-moment product the internet is obsessing over. Because what if it really is as good as everyone says it is, but you’re late to the game and it’s sold out everywhere?

Here, 15 beauty lovers dish on the product that the internet convinced them to buy, and whether or not it was worth the hype. (Spoiler alert: Kylie Lip Kits FTW.)


Hope Macdonald, Designer

“I pride myself on staying up to date on important current events, so naturally I’m one of the 98 million Instagrammers who keep up with the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie Jenner. She promotes her makeup line exclusively through social media, so when one of her flash sales popped up, I found myself getting caught up in the millennial frenzy, and the next thing I knew I had snagged two matte lip kits for a cool 60 bucks.

“I’m a sucker for a dramatic lip, and when the goods arrived, I was genuinely impressed with the branding, packaging, and overall presentation of the line. At the end of the day, I’m not sure if I can tell the difference between my Kourt K lip kit and my CVS-bought Maybelline gloss, but us girl bosses have to support each other. Need a new printed tote, Ky?”

Brooke Danielson, Freelance Editor

“The internet influenced me to buy collagen supplements from FURTHER after I stumbled upon an article online about the incredible ‘beauty’ benefits of this product. It is the best decision I ever made. My nails are stronger, my hair grows like a weed, I think my skin looks better, and without a doubt it helps my muscles recover after marathon training runs.”

Christina Holevas, Style/Accessories Editor, Teen Vogue

“The internet is obsessed with P50! After reading testimonial after testimonial, I finally gave in. It’s very harsh and it smells pretty awful, but it’s totally addicting. It brightens everything up and smooths out my skin like nothing else!”

Monica Mendal, Freelance Fashion & Travel Editor

“I recently stumbled upon Soveral’s Angel Balm, reading somewhere that it helps improve lifeless, dull skin. Since beauty is an arena I know very little about, I rely heavily on the internet (and my beauty editor friends!) to tell me what I need. Frankly, I was prepared to be disappointed, but holy crap. It was so much better than I expected.

“Apparently, it can be used a number of ways, but since I’m really lazy when it comes to my beauty routine, I put it on just after washing my face and wore it as a mask to sleep. I did this for about a week, and my skin was glowing. It was so bright to the point where friends were actually commenting on how clear my skin looked. Also, I was sleeping better. Which is weird. But I read that the Rose Geranium essential oil that’s used in the balm has a calming effect on the nervous system, so that was just an added bonus.”

Lindsay Kimble, Associate Editor, People.com

“I have a product that I’m obsessed with because of bloggers: Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” Cleansing Balm. For years, I’ve used makeup-remover towelettes to get off the hordes of foundation I apply, and they did nothing for my skin. A friend suggested the Clinique product, but it wasn’t until I saw a favorite blogger use it that I took the plunge.

“It retails around $28, and mine has lasted me a year. It’s a balm that you rub on your dry, makeup-caked face. You then wash it off with warm water and a washcloth. Since I started using it, my skin has improved, and it’s dramatically cut down the cost of my beauty routine.”

Sara Tan, West Coast Fashion and Beauty Editor, Bustle

“As a beauty editor, I’ve been pitched just about every makeup and skin-care product under the sun, but just like everyone else, I still fall for those beauty product ads that seem to be everywhere on social media. One in particular? Those for Wunderbrow, a semi-permanent brow gel. You know the one—the #ad where a woman applies the product to her brows, lets it dry, and then runs her finger over her brow to prove that the product isn’t going anywhere. My brows are fairly light, so I can use all the help I can get. I finally gave in one day and tried it, and I’m happy to report that I’m a Wunderbrow believer. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, especially when it comes to beauty, but for this product, the internet was right!”

Emma Tucci, Beauty Lover

“I may or may not have been a few glasses of wine deep when I scrolled upon an Instagram ad for CandyLipz—a lip-plumping tool that promises (at the very least) temporary lip plumping. It was also noted that some users saw plumper lips over time (with regular use, of course). I haven’t been committed enough to the product to be able to expect lasting results, but it definitely plumps my lips for two to three hours if I use it right before going out for the night!”

Katrina Mitzeliotis, Managing Editor, glam.com

“The last time I couldn’t resist the urge to place an order was all thanks to the hype surrounding the Kylie Lip Kit, (#ThanksInternet). From the packaging to the formula, I just needed to get it in my hands and see what it was all about, but the first time they were released, I actually got shut out of ordering.

“The second time around, I succeeded, and I was so happy I did, especially once I tried the matte lip at home. The formula didn’t dry out my lips and stayed put all day, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it lived up to the massive hype.”

Jen Mulrow, Assistant Beauty Editor, Glamour

“I had read about RMS Living Luminizer, the much-loved natural highlighter, enough times to know that no matter how late to the game I was, this product was clearly not to be missed. After finally getting my hands on it a few weeks ago, I’m confirming the obsession right now. It’s a crater full of celestial coconut shine, and it has since become my sacred routine to swipe it on my cheekbones and along my Cupid’s bow. Never sparkly, simply dewy, it’s my little pot of moonshine.”

Rosa Heyman, Senior Social Media Editor, Marie Claire

“Remember when the internet was telling you that you can find the most flattering lip color by matching it to your nipple shade? Well, I listened. And now I’m in love with the Bite Beauty lip pencil. Pro: It’s the perfect hue to give my everyday makeup look more polish. Con: Now everyone knows about my nipples.”

Marissa Smith, Stylist, Writer, & Editor

“When Milk Makeup first launched, like the rest of the fashion industry I was super excited and interested to know if it was actually going to be as cool as it looked. The first thing I bought was the Eye Pigment. After seeing it on a bunch of people and all over Instagram, I thought it was time.

“I’m not an eyeshadow person really, or a makeup person. I wear the same things daily and don’t really play around. This eyeshadow has changed my mind fully, [both] on the brand and wearing bright blue eyeshadow on a normal day casually. I’m a full Milk Makeup fan girl now, and I have the Eye Pigments in every color. They go on easily and truly last all day.”

Lanie Parr, Account Manager, Poke PR

“I’m an Instagram explore page junkie. Before I go to sleep at night I often find myself in a black hole of beauty posts, and that’s when I came across the new indie body brand Meant. I was drawn to the packaging immediately because, well, it’s perfect. I purchased a few of the brand’s products, one being The Every Body Bar. I’m not a huge fan of your typical body wash, as I always find that it slips off my body before I can massage it onto my skin... Maybe I’m just too slow? Not really sure! The Every Body Bar leaves my skin feeling squeaky-clean and completely hydrated, unlike other bar soaps. It’s also a huge bar, so I don’t mind sharing with my boyfriend. I love the brand so much that I reached out to the founder, and now we represent Meant! Nothing better than a beauty triple threat: great packaging, clean ingredients, effective results.”

Avery Matera, Freelance Writer and Editor

“The beauty product I bought because the internet told me to was Glossier Boy Brow, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m pretty simple when it comes to beauty products—a little mascara and blush and I’m good to go. From the girl who never waxed, plucked, threaded, or did anything to my brows pretty much ever, Emily Weiss’ godsend of a product gave me just the right amount of pigment and definition without feeling like I was caking on some stiff gel. I’m now totally addicted. I’m so happy I listened to the hundreds of Instagram posts that told me my life would be made infinitely better with the addition of Boy Brow.”

Jordan Crystal, Fashion Account Executive

“I actually read about Drunk Elephant Skincare on Bustle and fell in love with the packaging, so I ordered their T.L.C. Sukari Baby Facial. I liked the idea of a quick fix that seemed pretty easy, and it has been life-changing. I use it every Sunday night and am so obsessed that I’ve started hoarding Drunk Elephant products (FYI: The daily sunscreen is incredible, too).”

Katherine Henterly, Assistant Content and Merchandising Manager

“Forty-five dollars for butt lotion called “Brazilian Bum Bum Cream” marketed by a woman whose title is ‘Brazilian Goddess?’ I’m in. I have no idea if it actually works, but I bought it. Three times. Just in case.”

See? Sometimes the internet can be a great thing.


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