18 Winter Flats, Boots, & Sneakers That Are Warm Enough to Wear without Thick Socks

Long live the feeling of sock-less feet!

By: Kara McGrath

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As we enter the final quarter of the second-warmest year on record, dressing appropriately for the weather continues to be sort of a head-scratcher. The need for clothes and accessories that work equally well for chilly mornings and hotter afternoons is real, which is where these flats, boots, and sneakers that keep you warm come in. They’re perfect for days when you don’t want to put on tights but can’t exactly get away with wearing your summer sandals.

The footwear below features plenty of rubber soles (to keep you elevated off wet or chilly sidewalks) and weatherproof materials that are crucial for footwear that’ll keep your toes warm. And, of course, if we do ever experience a proper, snowy winter, you can add a nice pair of thick socks to ensure your feet stay nice and cozy. Best of all, brands are coming out with cold-proof shoes that actually look good with every sort of outfit. Here are 18 picks to kick off your pre-snow season shopping.


Navy Nubuck

Nubuck is warm like suede, but tends to be a little harder to ruin. These navy boots would work well for a wide range of occasions, from pretty fancy to hella casual.

Velvet Floral Loafers

Flats and loafers will never be the best shoe choice for the middle of a snowy winter, but a velvet version can keep your toes pretty cozy in milder climates.

Shearling-Trimmed Boots

Arguably the best part of these super-warm boots are the buckles, which let you widen them up to fit thick socks when needed.

Fur-Lined Mules

Anyone who wore fur-lined flats this spring knows they keep your feet surprisingly toasty.

Wool Sneakers

Wool sneakers are just about the warmest type of sneaker around, especially with a thick rubber sole to keep you elevated away from any puddles of melted snow.

Wine-Colored Hiking Boots

They might be inspired by hiking gear, but these booties would come in just as handy during your trek to a mid-January happy hour.

Velvet Chukka Boot

Yes, the velvet on these looks cozy as heck, but that’s not what makes them winter-proof: The rubber soles will help keep your feet dry, which is key for ensuring your tootsies stay warm.

Flannel Sneakers

The cozy flannel of your favorite plaid makes its way to your sneakers.

Metallic Boots

The higher the heel, the further away from the chilly sidewalk.

Faux Fur Slippers

Faux fur on the tongue and padding inside make these slippers a bit cozier than your average flats.

Over-The-Knee Boots

OTK boots will always keep you warmer than booties, especially with a chunky rubber sole like these.

Shearling Sneakers

Have you ever seen cozier-looking sneakers in your life?! If the idea of keeping white shoes clean in the winter makes you nervous, you can snag the green version of these instead.

Pink Booties

Waterproof suede and leather meet a teddy fleece lining in these good-for-every-type-of-cold booties.

Wedge Booties

These boots are just called “Winter.” Do you really need any more info?

Velvet Sock Boots

The higher top of sock booties provides more protection from the elements than your average ankle style.

Shearling Boots

Forget a warm shearling lining—these boots were dipped in the stuff.

Neoprene Boots

These boots are made from neoprene, aka the same stuff that makes wetsuits so warm.

Fur-Lined Strappy Heels

OK, so maybe don’t wear these to shovel the driveway, but they’ll probably be the warmest open-toe sandals you’ll ever put on your feet.

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