Turns Out Dr. Jart+ & Inflatable Tigers Are the Key to a Great Party

We witnessed this firsthand on Tuesday night.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tristan Kallas

Picture this: a rooftop with a pool full of beach balls and inflatable tigers, a lightbox photo wall, and a claw machine, all in the middle of a jungle-themed party. This was *exactly* the scene on the rooftop of the Freehand Hotel in downtown L.A. Tuesday night at our party with skin-care brand Dr. Jart+. Our incredible co-founder Stephanie Mark hosted, the amazing Brittany Sky was our DJ (because of course), and we had all the guests sippin’ on tiger-themed cocktails. Chic, no?

The reason for the tiger overload? Dr. Jart+’s new Cicapair Tiger Grass line, of course—hence the all-green-everything jungle vibe. Our highlight of the night was most definitely the claw machine that was filled to the brim with product and stuffed tigers (we love a good game), and we patiently waited in line beside the likes of Catt Sadler, Sami Miro, Leona Lewis, and Breah Hicks to play over and over again. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos below to get a true feel for how Coveteur likes to party. Until next time, L.A.