11 Weatherproof Laptop Bags for Work That Are Actually Cute

Consider the pain-in-the-assness of carrying your computer in the rain to be no longer an issue.

By: Marlen Komar

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Waking up and realizing it’s Monday morning sucks. But waking up and realizing it’s Monday morning and it’s raining is even worse. For moments like those, having waterproof laptop bags for work is crucial. Whether it’s downpouring, flurries are coming down from the sky, or you’re going to sweat cycling to work, you have to protect your electronics as you make your way into the office. And while it can be easy enough to stock up on bulky hiking-like backpacks to keep your work computer safe as Mother Nature does her thing, some of us don’t want to sacrifice style for function.

But fear not, there are plenty of waterproof bags out there that won’t make you want to cringe. Ranging in a bevvy of different styles, there are sleek minimalist backpacks with hidden, anti-theft compartments; sporty, athleisure-like bags that convert into duffel bags; and vintage-inspired buckle bags, just to name a few. No matter your aesthetic, there’s a functional and fashion-forward bag out there for you to find. If you commute to work, check out these 11 weatherproof laptop bags ahead. Never find yourself hiding in an alcove and missing your bus because you’re afraid of what the rain will do to your laptop.


Minimalist Backpack

Coming in both black or a light heather-gray, this minimalist backpack will help you pull off a sleek and stylish look, even as you have to heft your laptop and notebooks across town to your favorite coffee shop. You might feel like a mule carrying half of your office on your back, but you’ll look like something straight out of a magazine.

Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack

Varying from black gray to silvery to burnt orange, this backpack is set apart from the rest thanks to its anti-theft capabilities. If you have ever worried someone might unzip one of your pockets on a packed train, this bag will help calm some of those fears. That, and it has a whole separate compartment for your laptop, so you don’t have to open up your whole bag to get to that one piece of equipment.

Buckled Backpack

With enough space to accommodate a 15-inch laptop, this is a stylish alternative for people who don’t want to look like they’re storing their tablets and computers in hiking backpacks. Instead, this option offers a sleek design with its gray color palette and stylish buckles.

Slingback Satchel

If your outfit calls for a cross-body satchel, this is a wonderful choice. Not only does it have a vegan-friendly outer shell, but its lining is made from recycled plastic, making it environmentally friendly and high-fashion all at once.

Brightly Colored Bags

If you’re not one to shy away from color, this bag option will be right up your alley. You can choose between a bright blue, an eye-searing red, or a look-at-me yellow hue. It has a front pocket for any easy-access tools you might need and secret back pockets to store your valuables.

USB Charging Bag

For those who can’t stand having a commute with a dead phone, this water-resistant backpack will come to the rescue: It has an external USB with a built-in charging cable, meaning you can charge as you commute, saving all of your devices from unexpected death.

Convertible Backpack

This particular waterproof backpack can convert into a duffel bag whenever you need it to, thanks to hideaway shoulder straps. You can either store a laptop up to 15 inches inside it, or you can convert it into a weekend or gym bag.

Airport-Friendly Bag

If you hate pawing through your carry-on at the airport, this bag is specifically designed to be TSA-friendly. It has a designated, completely separate panel for a laptop and a tablet, letting you slip out your gadgets seamlessly without upsetting the rest of your contents. It also has a hook on the back that you can slip over your suitcase handle, and it opens completely flat for airport officials, like a suitcase. It’s the ultimate travel companion.

Solid Vegan Rucksack

Available in two sizes, in a mini or a large, these bags are as trendy as they are convenient. You can wear them either as backpacks or purses, and they come in 27 different colors, ranging from a neutral color palette to more lively hues, like pink or green.

Roll-Top Backpack

If you feel like you need more room in your bag, a roll-top backpack is perfect because it lets you customize how big or small it gets. It’s made with a thick waterproof waxed canvas to keep it safe from the elements and has leather accents for style.

Cycle-Commuter Backpack

If you cycle to work with your laptop on your back, you know just how important a waterproof backpack is. You have to protect it from the sweat! This roll-top backpack lets you customize the volume of the bag and is spacious enough to store everything from clothes to electronics in its interior.

From sporty to chic to professional, there is a waterproof style out there for everyone.


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