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The 8 Piercings You’re Going to See Everywhere This Year

We love any excuse to buy more jewelry.

The 8 Piercings You’re Going to See Everywhere This Year

It seems like every other week someone in the Coveteur office walks through the door sporting a brand-new piercing. Which leads to all of us running out to add another one to our collection. Piercings really are addicting!

Many of us have our ears (and a few noses) thoroughly stacked with jewelry—because more is always better—but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see all the different options out there. With so many new styles and combinations of piercings available, we figured it was time to consult an expert before adding more adornments to our bodies.

To find out exactly what the coolest piercings are right now, we tapped one of New York’s best piercers, Cassi Lopez of New York Adorned, for details.


Faux Snug

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@cassisoclassy

“These are probably my favorite and are becoming pretty popular. Theyre a good way to fill up space. Healing process will be anywhere from six to eight months (sometimes longer), and are typically done with two straight bars angled in a way so that they look like one piece of jewelry.”


Pair Piercings

“Pairing piercings are always a nice option when looking to fill up space. You can really play with pieces and really make them something interesting. Mostly done on the lobe in second- and third-hole piercings with rings or barbells. They will take anywhere from two to four months to heal (sometimes longer).



“These are a great option if you have multiple holes and arent sure what to do with them. If you have two healed holes, connecting them with one ring is a great way to add some unique visual interest. I prefer at least one hole already healed if its in the lobe and two holes pierced separately in the cartilage, then connected once healed. Healing times will depend on location.”


Daith Piercings

“Daith piercings are super big right now. [People] sometimes think its going to cure their migraines—like a pressure point, similar to acupuncture. I dont think it actually works, but its gorgeous! Rings are generally a bit larger to fill up the inner part of the ear and look beautiful with more decorative pieces. They take anywhere from six to eight months (sometimes longer) to heal.”


Nipple piercings

Photo: Courtesy of Cassi Lopez

“I feel like Ive been doing so many nipple piercings lately. Its getting nicer out, so everyone wants to come, and you know, [in] New York City nobody really wears bras in the summer. So, everyone is kind of, like, getting prepared for that.”



Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@cassisoclassy

“These are definitely becoming more popular, which I LOVE because they look super interesting and unique. They take anywhere from six to eight months to heal and heal substantially better when done with a curved barbell. Rings look pretty in this spot, but in order for it to heal properly, the ring would have to be relatively large and would move around constantly.”


Stacked Piercings

“These are a really great option for people with larger lobes or piercings that were done incorrectly (too low or too high). Its a great way to add balance to an ear and make it look more cohesive. These are generally done on the lobe but could be done just about anywhere.”



“These are a classic. I do at least five a day. They can be done with rings or straight bars (but will heal substantially better with a straight piece!) and will take anywhere from six to 12 months to fully heal.”

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