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5 Editors Review Fenty Beauty’s Limited-Edition Galaxy Makeup Collection

Rihanna’s newest release is even better than the original.

5 Editors Review Fenty Beauty’s Limited-Edition Galaxy Makeup Collection
Monique Kamargo

Sound the alarm, because Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is dropping the new Galaxy collection this Friday, October 13, and it’s every bit as glam as we hoped it would be. The line is full of all the sparkly, iridescent goodness we’ve been craving since RiRi’s highlight-heavy New York Fashion Week show last month, including a 14-color eyeshadow palette (“like jewelry for your eyes”), a metallic-to-glitter liquid eyeliner, a glitter lip gloss, and shimmer lipstick. Plus, a two-way eyeshadow brush for blending.

In case you couldn’t already tell, the overall theme of the collection is *glitter*, so if you’re looking for subtlety, sorry—Rihanna isn’t about that for the holiday season. Instead, her line is celebrating a shimmering, colorful look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Remember, makeup is supposed to be fun! Luckily, we snagged a few pieces from the upcoming launch so our editors could try them out, and yes, we fully support using every single product for some lips-to-lashes sparkle. It is, after all, endorsed by Rihanna. Here’s what five of our editors will be scooping up as soon as the entire set is available on Friday.


Tara Gonzalez, Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner

“Even if no amount of makeup could make me look as perfect as Rihanna, this Fenty Beauty drop makes me feel like Rihannaand I’m all about that. I cannot live without eyeliner, and this one applies so easily with a great sharp tip for that precise cat eye. It also has a sleek, gel-like look with a slight shimmer, just enough glam for everyday. Now excuse me while I pile the rest of the line on my face (I’m really into the Midnight Bolt blue eyeshadow), listen to Anti on repeat, and try to source a similar dress to recreate this Bad Gal lewk.”


Hannah Baxter, Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

“As minimalist as my makeup routine usually is, I absolutely LOVE glitter. I think it’s leftover from my time as a bartender when I would go all out—eyes, lips, cheekbones for days. Now, thanks to Rihanna, I can finally create the full cosmic face of makeup that I’ve always wanted. The eyeshadow palette is especially great for achieving a celestial look. I used two swipes of the mint-and-gold Sublime color over my lid, with the charcoal Light Year mixed with the smoky moss Xtra Terrestrial in the crease. The two-sided brush was great for blending as well as adding a soft line of iridescent Milky Way to my inner eyes to make the whole look pop. Best of all, there were no loose glitter specks falling into my eyes or sticking to my lashes.”


Leah Faye Cooper, Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter in Astro-Naughty

“I really thought my love for Rihanna had peaked, but she just gave me—a woman in my thirties—license to wear glittery lip gloss. So here I am: doing body rolls at my desk while listening to ‘Pour it Up,’ my lips swathed in a Fenty Beauty gloss. This one is sheer, has the perfect amount of pigment, and sparkles ever so slightly—enough to make your look pop, but not so much that you look like you’re headed to your seventh grade dance. I love it. Thanks, RiRi!”


Samantha Sutton, Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick in Gravity

“My one issue with Fenty Beauty’s first drop? Only one lip color. It was disappointing, especially for a lipstick/lip gloss addict like me. So when the holiday collection arrived at our office, that’s what I searched for—and saw that this time, there were 4 different shades to choose from. I settled on the Gravity lipstick (it’s more me than the darker or neutral shades), despite being skeptical that I could pull off a sparkly, Zenon-like pink. Once I showed my co-workers, compliments rolled in, convincing me that, with a bit of confidence, I can totally rock it. Plus, it really does seem like the perfect shade for the holidays. This pop of color will go a long way and lasts for a few hours, too.”


Sri Rain Stewart, Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

“I tried the eyeshadow so I could add a little pizazz to my day at work, plus I love to play with the eyes when I do makeup. I used two colors—the Starburst as the base and Mars on Fire to layer on top. The shadow is very glittery, so I did extra swipes over my eyes to make it thicker and really pop. The result? My eyes sparkle, and I think these pinkish and gold tones complement my tan skin tone nicely! I think this look for me would be my go-to for winter and even summer nights out.”


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