3 Things French Girls Always Keep in Their Wardrobe

French girl blah blah blah (but we *know* you still want to know).

3 Things French Girls Always Keep in Their Wardrobe

Just when we thought we were tired of talking about French girl fashion, we met Samar Seraqui De Buttafoco, a political reporter turned fashion writer whose French is as charming as her closet. While taking a look at what her wardrobe looks like during Paris Fashion Week (aka peak French-girl street style season), we picked up a couple style tips we brought back to New York with us. French-girl style will just never get old, okay?


Play into the stereotype a bit

Berets, striped sweaters, and a good pair of jeans are French staples for a reason. They look good on everyone and require very little effort. Throw them on in the morning on your way to the bakery to pick up a baguettewe guarantee someone will try to speak to you in French on the way.


Counterbalance the cutesy with a power suit

Even if French girls love berets and pearls, they never look too precious. The best way to add a badass edge to your closet is to throw on a good power pantsuit. Okay, we’d be lying if we didn’t think it looked good with a beret too (or a good pair of velvet heels like De Buttafoco prefers).


If Audrey Hepburn would wear it, so should you

Audrey Hepburn may have been British, but we’re pretty sure she’s an honorary Parisian chick. Her look embodies everything we also loved about De Buttafoco’sit’s classic, elegant, and a little quirky.

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