30 Backpacks Under $50 That Make Ridiculously Chic Carryalls

We’re all for a tiny bag, but sometimes you just need something that can haul.

By: Kara McGrath

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Even if you aren’t starting a new semester of school, fall tends to feel like The Season of Buying Cool Backpacks.  This year, many of our favorite brands have more backpacks in stock than any other type of bag—which means your options for an everyday carryall are seriously extensive. And with plenty of chic backpacks clocking in under the $50 mark, that goes for anyone on a budget too. Heck, you could theoretically buy a whole boatload of bags without breaking the bank.  

Whether you’re a fan of classic canvas, prefer an edgier leather material, are hungry for a little bit of pop culture nostalgia, or just want something pink and fluffy, there’s an affordable backpack that will suit your fancy. Scroll on through for the best rucksacks, drawstring bags, convertible bags, fold-over tops, and classic backpacks available to buy for less than 50 bucks right now.

Red Canvas

The cross-hatching on this red bag gives it a slightly vintage feel.

Sequin Mini Bag

This mini bag is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Wool & Leather

For anyone who likes a preppier style.

Black Convertible

Talk about serious Clueless vibes.

Mint Convertible

This shoulder bag transforms into a backpack, so it’s basically like getting two accessories for the price of one.

Quilted Nude

Very, very chic.

Metal Detail

For only the fiercest among us.

Pink Fur

*Heart eyes emoji.*

Rose Embroidered

Embroidery is huge this fall, so this mini backpack really just hits all the trends.

Nude Leather

A nude bag will go with basically every single outfit in your closet.

Baby Blue Foldover

The canvas material on this bag is more durable than most.

Blush Bag

Thank goodness pink is here to stay.

Black Mesh

Athleisure appears to be here to stay as well.

Wine-Colored Corduroy

It’s hard to deny that corduroy = fall, especially when it comes in a deep shade of red.

Gray Foldover

Black, white, and nudes are fairly common bag colors, but this gray feels like a cooler take on neutrals.

Blue Nylon

This sporty bag has separate pockets inside for storing your cell phone, wallet, and anything else that tends to get lost at the bottom of your backpack.

Patent Pom-Pom Mini

Anything with pom-poms is basically an automatic win.

Pink Sequins

You can never have too many sequins.

Black & Metal

The faux leather paired with metal detailing make this $30 backpack look hella expensive.

Holographic Mini

It’s clear so you can show off all the new books you’re reading.

Black & Gray

It’s the little gold detail that puts this bag over the top.

Ring Detail

Again! Details!

Nostalgic Bag

All ’90s kids, rejoice.

Crushed Velvet

Velvet is perfect for fall, especially when it comes in millennial pink.

Gold Holo

The more metallics in your wardrobe, the better.

Denim with Patches

This denim bag is giving off incredible ’70s vibes.

Red Wine Bag

More dark reds, please.

Teal Velvet

Don’t you just want to pet this backpack all day?

Studded Bag

This edgy bag goes surprisingly well with everything.

Mermaid Bag

For all the IRL mermaids out there.

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