12 Plus-Size Fringe Jeans to Help You Embrace Fall’s Biggest Denim Trend

12 Plus-Size Fringe Jeans to Help You Embrace Fall’s Biggest Denim Trend

The just-undone-enough trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Can you ever have enough jeans? Sure, dress enthusiasts will say “yes.” But for denim lovers, nothing could be better than a closet filled with studded, cropped, distressed, or worn-in denim. And now that autumn is here, raw-hemmed jeans deserve a spot in your extensive denim collection. After all, fringe is one of fall’s biggest trends.

While there’s never really a season in which denim isn’t on trend, fall and winter seem to see an uptick in the popularity of jean material. Tights will never get old, and flannel-lined anything is a must-have, but there’s something about a great pair of jeans that is perennially in style.

But there can be something thrilling about jazzing up a basic jean to make things a little more interesting—and that’s where fringe comes in. As one of fall’s biggest trends, frayed denim gives an effortless and carefree look to your ensemble. The trendy style can be completely casual when paired with a tee, or super chic when paired with a crisp top. Versatility never was so simple.

From frayed hems to straight-up fringe denim, you’ve got options when it comes to rocking this look. Now it’s just a matter of starting to shop. To help you get started, here are 12 plus-size fringe styles to help you transition your denim into fall.

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Boyfriend Fringe

How cute are these distressed frayed-hem boyfriend jeans? If you need a casual denim slay, this is it.

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