The 15 October Beauty Launches We Can’t Wait to Get Our Hands On

They have us literally on the edge of glory. (Get it?)

By: Amanda Richards

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Ah, October. For me, it’s the month that manifests itself as Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”: Me, in front of a mirror, aggressively applying beauty products that my face will no longer sweat off immediately, stomping adorable ankle boots to the beat, executing a Whirling Dervish performance as my winter scarf soars around me. Temperatures drop, color palettes change, and suddenly, it’s like I’m home again. I’ve got nothing against the summer, but deep fall beauty is just better—and these October 2017 beauty launches prove it.

Vast and varied in type and function, this month’s launches range from one of the most exclusive and covetable palette collections on the market, a cleansing cushion from a brand you’ll be surprised to see included, a $455 face cream that Kim Kardashian swears by, and yes, an armpit mask. It’s not a cohesive list, necessarily, but it will satisfy your beauty desires in nearly every department. In other words,  you’re on the edge of beauty glory, baby, and you’re hanging on a moment of truth.


RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick Collection

RMS Beauty is responsible for making one of my favorite highlighters of all time, and this lipstick collection might force me to push some others out of my roster. Wild With Desire comes in 10 shades, all of them richly saturated and contained in a chic silver tube. The formula is oil-based, making it perfect for the drying winter months. Firestarter (shown above) might just be my go-to red.

Pat McGrath Unlimited Edition Mothership Palettes

Two out of three Pat McGrath Mothership Palettes came to the Bustle offices for me to play with and shoot for this story, and right after I was finished, I had to send them right back. This is pretty atypical for editors receiving beauty samples—but a perfect example of the high demand and exclusivity that has come to define the brand. The Mothership palettes come in versions I, II, and III—otherwise known as SubliminalSublime, and Subversive. The shades in each palette tell a totally different color story, and each of them are of the highest quality and pigmentation. The packaging is equally as gorgeous, making the $125 price tag justifiable as the perfect pre-holiday present to yourself.

CATRICE Cosmetics Aqua Ink-In-Gloss Lip Stain & Liner

Think of the CATRICE Aqua-Ink-In liners as markers for your lips—they are water-based formulas with ballpoint applicators, and the formula really lasts. The lip stains are equally as impressive—great color payoff with the on-trend finish of a stain. They’re also really comfortable to wear and come at a great price point—what’s not to love?

R+Co Relative Paradise Fragrance Spray

R+Co’s hair products are amazing, so it’s no surprise that their entrance into the world of fragrance would be too. With notes of Sicilian lemon, tangerine, green tea, eucalyptus, tree moss, and amber, this lightweight scent is perfect for those days that you want to smell good AF, but you don’t necessarily want to bust out the big guns.

Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Trio Palette

Kevyn Aucoin’s highlighters are next level, and this palette offers three of his best-selling shades in one package. Neo-Limelight, Neo-Setting Powder, and Neo-Bronzer come together to create endless possibilities for color, light, and radiance on your skin. Bonus: All the individual shades are magnetic, making them fun to play with on a totally different level.

LAVANILA Health Underarm Detox Mask

Perhaps it’s because face masks have reached critical mass in my beauty cabinet, or perhaps it’s because I will literally put a mask on any part of my body for which a mask is made. Either way, I am very into the LAVANILA Health Underarm Detox Mask, a brush-on formula that “detoxes” the underarm from aluminum, bacteria, and toxins, making it a perfect product for those trying to transition from chemical deodorants to natural. For those who want to lighten up darkened underarm skin, the product also promises to lighten. The scientific efficacy of the product is uncertain, but it feels amazing—in other words, do it because you deserve it.

MAC x Rossy de Palma

It may not be MAC’s buzziest collection in the states, but it’s already one of my favorite MAC x celeb collabs ever. Inspired by Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, a notable figure in Spanish art and cinema, the collection is reminiscent of the components of a Picasso painting, and the packaging is next-level badass: chic gold-and-black branding, as well as holographic moving images of de Palma’s features. The colors in the collection are a combination of bold reds, intense fuschias, and wild purples—perfect for creating the kind of face you'll want to wear on your biggest, weirdest night out.

Kleenex Daily Cleansing Cushions

They may not be the most glamorous item on this list, but the Kleenex Daily Cleansing Cushions are not to be overlooked. They come dry and pre-loaded with a gentle foaming cleanser, and the cushion itself has both a soft and exfoliating side. After an intense nighttime skin-care routine, I use these in the morning as a gentle cleansing refresher—it’s just enough to wake up my face and soothe my skin before the day begins.

LUSH Christmas Collection

No, this isn’t a holiday roundup, but LUSH’s holiday collection goes live in October, so you’ll want to pay attention before all of these adorable products fly off the shelves completely. Don’t get too worried, though; the collection boasts an impressive 100 products, more than enough to score some LUSH goodness for everyone on your shopping list.

T3 Source Shower Head

Launching in October, this very fancy shower head promises to improve the appearance and health of your skin by filtering out the harsher components in your water, including chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt, and sediment. If that wasn’t enough, it also has seven massage settings. Even if you think your water is fine, you may as well indulge and turn your shower into your own personal spa.

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Rich Cream

This is the fanciest, most expensive face cream I’ve ever tried, and despite the fact that this cream is leading a more luxurious lifestyle than I am (do you think it vacations in the Maldives?) I have to admit that it’s pretty great. The formula combines unique orchids to combat dry, dull, and uneven skin. Perhaps that’s why Kim Kardashian calls the cream her “fave face cream in the world”—something tells me she might be joining it in the Maldives.

GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick

A lipstick that both mattifies and plumps might sound like a tall order (especially when many of my favorite mattes seem to actually shrink my lips), but GrandeLIPS seems to have figured it out. The formula offers natural volume and hydration, and the shade I tried didn’t have to be reapplied until the afternoon. The shade range is pretty classic (you won’t find any neon pinks or blues), but it’s worth grabbing a few colors for the days you want to keep things simple.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

The Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is one of its most iconic and recognizable products, and now the brand is expanding the line: Starting Oct. 1, a Creme de Corps Smoothing Oil-to-Foam Body Cleanser and Creme de Corps Dry Body Oil will be available in Kiehl’s stores. The dry oil is the standout, infused with squalene and grapeseed oil. Dry winter post-shaving legs, you may have just met your match.

DevaCurl Miracle Workers Kits

DevaCurl salons have the curly-hair market on lockdown, and their new home kits are designed for a variety of textures: wavy, curly, and super curly. The kits include a specific shampoo and conditioner for a chosen hair type; Buildup Buster, the first hair-care product to use micellar water to cleanse the scalp of residue; Melt Into Moisture, the brand’s ultra-conditioning mask; and Deep Sea Repair, the seaweed strengthener that helps curls repair from heat or chemical treatment.

LORAC Mega PRO 4 Holiday Palette

There’s nothing quite like a massive eyeshadow palette, and the LORAC Mega Pro Palette 4 has a whopping 32 diverse and beautiful shades, all of which are formulated to work both wet or dry. This palette contains both matte neutrals and high-shine metallics, making it super easy to justify bringing it along in your kit, wherever you need to go.

Yes, October is a glorious time of year for beauty lovers. Hurry up and cop the launches that speak to you most—before you know it, it will be November, and you’ll have a whole new list to consider.


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