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This Marrakech Bachelorette Will Put Every Bachelorette You’ve Ever Been To to Shame

Take one part palace, two parts souk shopping, three parts clubbing, and mix.

By: Emily Ramshaw

Sure, we know that a trip with all your girlfriends for your bachelorette has become standard issue—a bachelorette party is no longer just a night out with your girlfriends wearing a tacky sash. And for a lot of reasons, we’re happy about it. Especially when some bachelorette trips are as lavish as flying to Marrakech for a long weekend at a palace. Or rather, one bachelorette—that of Tara Ghazanfar, the designer and founder of bag label Tara Zadeh. Lucky for us we have an in with the bride and a couple of her bridesmaids, so they sent us some snapshots of the weekend. As with any good bachelorette, however, the best pictures are for their eyes only.

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“One of my bridesmaids had the vests made for us in Istanbul from a store at the Grand Bazaar.”

“I was the last one to arrive on the Thursday, and the girls were all waiting for me at the entrance of the palace. We first went to dinner at Al Fassia where they serve traditional Moroccan cuisine. We all went back to the hotel and had a party in my master room, which was ridiculously huge. The girls had some surprises and some gifts for everyone.”

“There is no such thing as too long a bachelorette trip. I think five days is perfect. But then again, it depends how far you travel—sometimes a week is ideal. Mine, for example, was four days but then me and Nessy extended two days to just chill and do nothing. She was coming from New York.”

“I packed a couple bikinis, a couple nice dresses for the evening, and my Stella McCartney flatforms with stars—I never go anywhere without them.”

“This bathing suit is from a store in Cannes. I got it last summer. My sunglasses are from Freda Banana, which is one of my bridesmaids’ brands. She brought one pair for each one of the girls. I am never without a pair of Freda Bananas—it’s all I wear.”

“Saturday morning we hung by the pool and some [of us] woke up late. We had the afternoon planned in the desert to drive quads. I am a big quad fan! In the evening the hotel had organized a beautiful single table for all of us under the dome in front of the pool—it was stunning. We had a pretty early night. On Sunday we were all supposed to leave, but one of my best friends, Nessy, and I decided to stay another night to chill.”

“Two of my bridesmaids had all of these made for each one of the girls. They had the lighter engraved as well as the flask. The necklace comes from a charm boutique in Williamsburg. The sunglasses are from Freda Banana.”

“I have a lot of good girlfriends, but I knew not everyone would be able to come since the girls are all in different parts of the world. One month before the actual wedding, I couldn’t expect people to travel that far. So I sent my bridesmaids the list of girls I wanted to invite. There were about 20 names. I think 10 is a good number to actually come and that’s how many we were. The minimum you should have on a trip is four or five girls and up to 10 or 12. If all the girls I had invited came, it would have been too intense I think. Twenty is definitely way too many.”

“The girls took care of all the planning. One of the girls knew the owner of the Palace where we were staying, so we were really taken care of. Doing a quad session in the desert was my only request.”

“We spent so much time at the pool because there are those big steps so you can just sit there, chat, have a drink.”

“We were 10 girls—my best friends, although a couple of them were not able to make it. We realized one night each of us speaks a different language and comes from a different place: London, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Istanbul and Sofia.”

“When it comes to picking a destination, the bride should choose if you invite people from so many different places. It makes it hard to choose since one place is more or less convenient for one than it is for another. The bridesmaids might also choose because they are the ones who know the bride the best. It's something they should organize and take care of. In France, for example, it's usually a complete surprise, which is fun too. If it’s your closest friends choosing, they won’t pick something you don’t like. Either you go on a total adventure to discover a new place, or go someplace you actually know well. Regardless, you know you will have the best time because you are with all your best friends.”

“I brought all my bag samples I had from home. The clutches are so easy to wear, and I lent one to each girl for the Friday night event.”

“I have been to Marrakech a couple of times, but five of the girls had never been so I wanted to show them some of my favorite places in the souk, where you can get these really cool straw bags and hats. There are also so many little goodies that are great for gifts. A couple of the girls went back the next day to shop some more.”

“Friday we spent the morning at the souk, had lunch at Café Des Épices, and then went to Jardin Majorelle, which is my favorite place in Marrakech. I go every time I come. We then spent the whole afternoon by the pool—it was about 40 degrees Celsius. At night we all dressed up and went to have dinner at Bô Zin, a super fun restaurant that serves Asian fusion food. We had a big round table and as soon as we sat down we all took a shot of tequila to pump up. It is a fun place because there is a DJ, so in between courses we would go dance. After dinner we had a table at the club Raspoutine and danced until the club closed.”

“My bridesmaids were the ones who organized everything. I knew there would be nice dinners and some dancing, so I knew what to pack. Also, I am familiar with Marrakech, but it was the first time of a few of the girls and they had done their research about not wearing anything too short or showing too much skin while in the souk, even with 40 degree Celsius heat. You have to be aware.”

“For my bachelorette, we went to Marrakech and stayed at the Palais Rhoul. It is a spectacular palace—stunning! The staff were super nice, it wasn’t too far to the restaurants and the souk.”

“What do you bring on a bachelorette? Tequila! It always wakes everyone up and gets you going at the beginning of the night.”

“One of my bridesmaids is Vivian, who lives in New York and we went to college at Parsons together. She knows how much I love things like tiaras, she always used to get me tiaras for my birthdays. The girls wanted me to wear it everywhere we went, which I almost did.”

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