15 Beauty Brands for WOC You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

15 Beauty Brands for WOC You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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For consumers with tan-to-deep complexions, going makeup shopping can often feel like a migraine waiting to happen. The lack of inclusion in beauty aisles can make finding the perfect shades more frustrating than it already is. Fortunately, there are plenty of beauty brands for women of color with impeccable options—some of which you likely haven’t discovered yet.

Although there is still progress to make, the cosmetics industry is seeing major improvement with providing options for all beauty lovers. There’s Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty line, of course. Many big names like Lancôme and Maybelline have extended their shade ranges to suit melanin-rich skin. Drugstore sensations like Black Opal and Black Radiance ensure brown babes have worthy budget-friendly options. There are even several well-known black-owned makeup brands like Iman Cosmetics and Shea Moisture serving up all-inclusive product lines. Still, so many melanin-friendly brands have flown right under the radar because they’re not sold at major retailers.

Although you can never go wrong with the tried-and-true, the beauty brands you’ve never heard of have some of the best options for WOC. Earning their moment in the spotlight, these 15 retailers are so deserving of your next big makeup haul if you’re a beauty with melanin-rich skin.

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Hue Noir

The star of the Hue Noir inventory is the True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation, a crease-resistant, matte base made in 25 medium-to-deep shades. Even with a great range, foundation-matching from behind a computer screen isn’t exactly ideal, so there are samples available upon request to ease the process.

Calling all women of color! These are the melanin-friendly beauty destinations we deserve that will never make women with deeper skin an afterthought.


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