How to Wear Fall’s Go-To Boot, According to 5 Top Stylists

Turn CHANEL’s statement-making investment piece into everyday wear.

How to Wear Fall’s Go-To Boot, According to 5 Top Stylists

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Despite being on top of current trends, every so often we’ll spot something—a top style, an accessory, a pair of standout shoes—and think, “Hey, how do I pull that one off in real life?” This fashion month was no different: As editors, celebrities, and influencers posed for photos, Chanel’s sparkly silver boots kept catching our eye. We 100 percent needed them...but how would we justify that (serious) investment, and pull off those boots day after day?

To help solve this particular dilemma, we reached out to five different stylists who dress some of the most photographed faces in the industry. Read and shop their suggestions, which will turn this statement-making investment piece into an everyday item.


The Boots:


Stylist:Jason Bolden

Who He Works With: Taraji P. Henson, Yara Shahidi, Kiersey Clemmons

“With pieces like this, it’s always fun to dress them down and make them everyday! This glitter boot by Chanel is über cool and classic Chanel. One way I would love to see this worn is with a skirt and an oversized vintage army jacket. Another way to wear them would be under a very proper gown to add an instant bit of edge. Tracksuits are a huge trend that seemed to come back out of nowhere. You can pair these Chanel boots with a tracksuit—I know, unexpected!—for a chic high-low look.”

Coveteur’s picks based on Jason’s suggestions:


Stylist:Sarah Slutsky

Who She Works With:Emma Watson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ilana Glazer

“I’d definitely let these boots do the talking. I would likely pair with a long-sleeve mod mini dress, likely black or white, and then finish off with a handful of stacking rings and statement earrings.”

Coveteur’s picks based on Sarah’s suggestions:


Stylist: Joseph Cassell

Who He Works With:Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington, Olivia Holt

“I recommend taking this boot to a more casual, edgy place instead of pairing it with pieces that feel more buttoned up. Wearing a full-on sparkle boot as a day look can be tough, but cool pieces [like the ones I picked out] from Farfetch have a great relaxed badass street-style feel and make these boots shine in the right way for day. Another tricky element to these boots is that they arent really a knee boot. They land in a unique spot under the knee that might visually shorten the length of one’s legs. If this happens, I recommend pairing them with a black opaque knee-high sock or stocking that would make up the difference and give the effect of a knee-high boot. When these boots walked the runway, they were always paired with matching silver opaque tights, which visually lengthened the models legs.”

Joseph’s picks:


Stylist:Lindsey Dupuis Bledsoe

Who She Works With:Nikki Reed, Brittany Snow, Sarah Silverman

“My first thought is that these feel like a modern go-go boot, so I would go retro and pair them with a ’70s-inspired miniskirt. To balance out the length of the mini, I would pair it with a feminine high-neck long-sleeved white blouse and top it off with a masculine duster.”

Lindsey’s picks:


Stylist:Anita Patrickson

Who She Works With: Julianne Hough, Camila Alves, Rachel Platten

“As trendy as these boots are, I actually think they are really versatile! However, I love the 60s energy of them and wanted to make them the star of the show in my outfit. This whole look feels like a bit of an homage to Twiggy and the ‘mod moment,  but with an updated twist. I added a glam diamante hoop to add a little sass to the conservative feeling of the turtleneck. Pairing the boots down with all the clean black lines is a great way to pull them off during the day without feeling totally overdressed!”

Anitas picks:

Part of the series:


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