On The Road

Why Aimee Song Skipped Heels and Wore Combat Boots to the Dior Show

It turned out to be a smart decision when she had to run through traffic.

By: Samantha Sutton

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, we’re fans of the unexpected—a pop of color when you need some oomph, combat boots instead of heels, etc. Which is exactly why we were so excited to follow along as Aimee Song, aka Song of Style, made her way to Dior’s spring 2018 show. From her bright, bold lipstick to her “badass” shoe pairing, the influencer shared how she took feminine and classic to a whole new level...and how to stylishly make a run for it when you’re stuck in traffic.

“My glam squad @anhcotran and @storyofmailife helped me get ready for the Dior show! Went with bright orange lipstick to go with my amazing dress.”

“Decisions, decisions... Choosing the perfect bag for my dress.”

“Spinning in my dress in the hotel lobby before heading out to the show. Fact: I spun in this dress way too many times today.”

“You don’t need glass slippers to have a princess moment! I am wearing these combat boots, Dior style.”

“Pro tip: Traffic getting to the Dior show is no joke. If you want to get to the show on time, running is always faster!”

“Getting my photos taken outside the show.”

“This boots-and-dress combo made me feel so badass walking across Paris.”

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