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15 Best Green Products According to Top Beauty Influencers

Here’s what Amanda Chantal Bacon, Violette, and Lee Tilghman are putting in their carts at CAP Beauty.

15 Best Green Products According to Top Beauty Influencers

CAP Beauty’s thimble-sized West Village storefront became a green beauty mecca the moment it opened back in 2015. Founded by former prop stylist Cindy DiPrima and her boutique-owning friend, Kerrilynn Pamer, the shop carries cult brands like RMS Beauty, In Fiore, and the much-talked-about Vintner’s Daughter.

“[An all-natural beauty store] seemed like such a simple idea,” DiPrima recalls of their original decision to open in New York City. “And we were honestly amazed it didn’t already exist.”

Now they’re bringing the good vibes and highly curated selection to Los Angeles. Opening in the Fred Segal store on September 26, CAP’s debut West Coast location will maintain the same level of screening for any food or beauty items carried, and is sure to become the hot new wellness destination in the West Hollywood neighborhood immediately.

We asked three fans to name their favorite products from CAP Beauty. Read on for Lee Tilghman, Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon, and makeup artist Violette’s five must-have products.


Lee Tilghman


1. Marie Véronique Day + Night Oils: “This stuff has changed my face, no doubt about it. My skin is softer and glows now.”

2. CAP Beauty The Coconut Butter: “Oh, coconut butter, how I love thee! Where do I start? I’m totally addicted. I eat it by the spoonful first thing in the morning, add it to my morning matcha, and use it in my fat ball recipe.”

3. Wildcare Soft Focus Mask: “This is my favorite mask. I mix it with spirulina and lavender hydrosol and go to heaven!”

4. S.W. Basics Makeup Remover: “This stuff is amazing! Works so well as a makeup remover, and doubles as a moisturizer. I bring it with me everywhere, and a bottle lasts forever.”

5. Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner: “Once you start scraping your tongue, you won’t be able to stop. I freaking love this thing!”


Amanda Chantal Bacon


1. Everyday Oil: “This oil smells so beautiful. I use it on my skin, hair, child, and man.”

2. Uma Anti Aging Face Oil: “I use this in combination with vitamin C powder. It’s a gorgeous and yummy face oil that smells like India.”

3. CAP Beauty The Genmaicha: “Because I have matcha with Dust every day.”

4. RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara: “This is my version of all-made-up. It’s the one formula that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.”

5. La Tierra Sagrada Treatment: “It’s the deepest, most beautiful botanical quench that works on my sun-dried tips like a charm.”




1. Ancient Organics Organic Ghee: “I have this every morning for breakfast. It’s pretty rare to find ghee, and this one has the best taste. It’s so healthy and great at keeping my energy up!”

2. LivOn Labs Lypho-Spheric Vitamin C: “My doctor advised me to buy this particular vitamin C. And since it’s difficult to find, it was a nice surprise to discover it at my favorite beauty store. They use a technology that keeps your body from breaking down the vitamin C that usually goes to waste in other products.”

3. CAP Beauty The Neat Matcha Stick Box: “I don’t drink coffee, so matcha is my coffee. I’m always traveling, and these prepackaged sticks are so easy to take in my bag.”

4. CAP Beauty The Coconut Butter: “I love to mix it with the Sun Potion smoothie that treats my skin. I also use it to cook—I’m completely obsessed with it.”

5. Bodha Modern Wellness Smokeless Organize Incense (Ground): “I am very sensitive to scents, and I love using these whenever I travel to make me feel at home. Plus, it’s smokeless so that I can burn it anywhere without setting off alarms!”

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