On The Road

A Cake-Filled Trip to Prague & Vienna We All Deserve

Let’s just say that deputy fashion editors really know how to travel.

By: Jodi Taylor

There are certain people who live their life in such a fabulous way (think glitter, sequins, tiaras, and ballerina skirts) and look like they are having so much fun doing it that we wonder why we aren’t following suit and trading in our black oversized weekend hoodies for something with a little more oomph. One of said people is Anahita Moussavian, the deputy fashion editor of New York Post and its luxury inset, Alexa—known on Instagram as @anahitaglitters. Weve gotten to know her over the years and can honestly say that shes one of the sweetest, happiest, and most optimistic people we’ve ever met. So when she told us she was jetting off to Prague and Vienna with her mom and sisters—who we assumed were just as girl-crush-worthy—we knew we had to get our hands on her iPhone diary. And disappoint it did not! Click through the gallery ahead for a healthy dose of sparkling chandeliers, lots and lots of cake, and, of course, some millennial pink moments. 


“This is the center of [Vienna], also known as Stephansplatz. The Stephansdom cathedral is one of the largest in the world.”

“Vienna street art! This part of the city is full of beachy bars that line the canal. I met up with my old friend Peter here. He’s a local and ordered us spritzers, which are apparently the drink du jour in Austria.”

“Sigmund Freud lived and worked in Vienna, so of course there are homages to this local hero everywhere. This finger puppet was my favorite.”

“Vienna is way famous for its cakes, and we wasted no time indulging. Our first stop was this beautiful café, Gerstner K.U.K. Hofzuckerbacker. It’s three stories filled with massive chandeliers, endless aperol spritzes, and sachertorte—a Viennese specialty of chocolate cake filled with layers of apricot jam, topped with dark chocolate icing.”

“There’s no shortage of beautiful chandeliers in Vienna, but this pair in the famous Hotel Imperial bar win. So. Much. Sparkle!”

“Aside from the coffee and cakes, the opera is the main reason my mama (center) wanted to visit Vienna. My sisters Roxana (left), Avideh (far right), and I were initially overwhelmed by the show’s three-hour-plus runtime, but the opera house and the experience was one for the books.”

“Schonbrunn Palace is a major tourist attraction in Vienna, and for good reason—look at this garden! I was hitting the espressos hard (because jet lag) and am holding my fifth cup of the day while doing a little happy dance.”

“Millennial pink (which happens to be one of my favorite colors) is everywhere in Vienna. Everywhere!”

“There is so much street art in Prague, which offers a really cool contrast to all of the beautiful pastel-hued architecture. I loved the rainbow-y look of this train.”

“Confession: I didn’t actually have a chance to visit this bar. I just loved the photogenic exterior, right down to the bike.”

“The weather in Prague was super cloudy with fits of rain. Predictably, I underdressed for this trip, so I made this cozy blanket-coat-slash-shawl situation my go-to look. But I wasn’t totally unprepared: I pinned an umbrella to my purse!”

“Seeing this in real life was a major bucket list moment. Frank Gehry is pretty much the coolest—so is the Dancing House! We had drinks on the roof, which offered amazing views of the city.”

“My little sister is Haribo-obsessed, so we made it our personal mission to collect every flavor we could find. We walked away from this bodega with at least ten bags!”

“After eating and drinking our way through Vienna and Prague, the Kremrole was my favorite snack discovery. It’s like a fancy Twinkie. Yum!”

“Kutna Hora is about an hour from the city center and is an incredibly beautiful place to walk around. This photo offers a view of St. Barbara’s Church and really captures the fairyland vibe.”

“Even though I don’t like flying, window seats are my favorite! I snapped this during a quick layover in Amsterdam. So green, so pretty!”

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