8 Trendy Fanny Packs That Were All Over Fashion Week

We’re going hands-free.

Fashion Week
8 Trendy Fanny Packs That Were All Over Fashion Week

If you haven’t been mindlessly scrolling through street style photos as a procrastination method, may we bring to your attention (as Fashionista so rightly called out) that the It-bag of fashion week is officially Gucci’s Marmont Matelassé Belt Bag, otherwise known as the humble fanny pack, or that bag style you only wear to music festivals. There could be one of two reasons for this development. One is simply continuing Gucci fever and anything that Alessandro Michele stamps with that GG logo will immediately become *hot*—Michele is just that good. The second reason, however, is less specific: In the ongoing trend towards utilitarian, ugly-chic, normcore/momcore/dadcore/whatevercore, fanny packs, well, they just feel right at this very moment—and they look darn pretty good belted over a trench coat or slung over some trousers.

With that in mind, our absolute top pick is Gucci's perfect version, but just to prove the point that this is a real thing, here are a few more options. If anything, it honestly just feels good to be *that* hands-free.

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