Getting Ready

The Pictures of Sarah Hyland’s Emmys Dress You Haven’t Seen Yet

It turns out the Zac Posen number looks even better when paired with a cute pup.

By: Samantha Sutton
Photography: Emily Knecht

When it comes to awards show style, we always need to know more, whether it’s the designer, the reason they chose *this* particular look, or what the wearer is really thinking as they pose for all those photos. Thankfully, Sarah Hyland was more than happy to share the scoop on her Emmys look before the big night, as we popped by her place to see her prep...and chill with her best friend, Boo (aka her dog).

And for the details Sarah couldn’t share about the gorgeous red cutout number? We turned to its designer, Zac Posen, who revealed why this particular piece was perfect for the Modern Family actress, and if he’d ever let someone wear a design before showing it in a collection.

“This year [getting ready for the Emmys] was so relaxing! Sometimes it can be stressful if you’re running late, but it was so easy this year! Very calm. My team are some of my favorite people in the world, so we always have fun.”—Sarah Hyland

What the day was like pre-show:

“I woke up. Had oatmeal. Then, while Allan [Avendaño] was doing my makeup, I had a turkey sandwich. Pitch Perfect was on TV, so we watched that, but usually we listen to music.”—SH

Zac Posen, on Sarah’s Emmys dress:

“It’s from Resort 2018. It is a dress I draped, and I love the vibrancy of the color and lace, which matches her radiant personality.”

What Sarah looks for when finding the perfect red carpet outfit:

“To make sure it doesn’t eat me alive!”

“Over the years, Sarah has surprised me on what she picks and what she is able to pull off. I am always blown away when she wears one of my designs.”—ZP

“I [also] love doing custom for award [shows]—my job as the designer is always to empower the wearer, and I love this intimate process of a collaboration.”—ZP

If we’ll see Zac Posen’s Spring ‘18 designs on the red carpet soon:

“As the images went online, I already got a few requests from my ladies and customers.”

Sarah, on her dog

“Her name is Boo! She’s 2! And my best friend in the entire world.”

If she was worried Boo would jump on her dress:

“She jumps on everything.”

If Zac would ever let someone wear a dress *before* it was on the runway or shown at a presentation:

“Yes, the red carpet is a red runway.”

“We will [be] optimistic, and over award season, the colors will become saturated. It is always a thrill and an honor to have someone wear your clothing and, sometimes, it’s even a surprise.”—ZP

What goes through Sarah’s mind when posing:

“Flex, flex, flex, flex.”

If she ever channels an alter ego on the red carpet:

“[Laughs] I’ve never thought about that. I always try to be my most authentic self as possible.”

Whether Sarah enjoys getting ready for big events like the Emmys:

“Of course! You’re wearing a gorgeous gown, and getting your hair and makeup done by professionals. Plus, I get to spend time with Allan and Ryan [Richman].”