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The Eyebrow Trick That Brooke Shields Swears By

In this case, less is definitely more.

The Eyebrow Trick That Brooke Shields Swears By
Alec Kugler

What does one do while watching Brooke Shields prep for Calvin Klein’s Spring ’18 show? Ask her a million questions, of course. The iconic model was kind enough to share her thoughts on *that* legendary CK campaign, what her everyday style looks like, and reveal the $13 flats she keeps in her purse. But we really couldn’t leave without knowing just one little detail: Does Brooke pay special attention to her super famous brows before a big event?

“I don’t. I don’t even think makeup artists do anymore. I, for some reason, don’t really think about them. I think because I’ve never really groomed them, so it’s less of an issue. I did once, and it was a disasterI let someone get ahold of me, and I was like, ‘Nope, not anymore.’ They’ve changed over the years. It’s funny because I was recently photographed, and Carine Roitfeld wanted the makeup artist to really enhance my brows so that they could look like they did in the ’80s. I looked like a clown. It didn’t…go anymore. That sort of the natural unruliness of it wasn’t a part of my real life anymore. My hair quality is different. They’ve changed, definitely. I just try not to become too aware of them.”

For those of you who weren’t born as Brooke Shields, however, we’ve got some intel for you. Check out the eyebrow routines of Coveteur’s editors.

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