Inside Lifestyle Blogger Sazan’s Chic California Home Makeover

We want Z Gallerie to design our next apartment ASAP.

By: Hannah Baxter
Photography: Jessica Alexander

Is there anything more satisfying than moving into a brand-new space with all the potential in the world? The decorating possibilities are seemingly endless. But for even the most aesthetically minded among us, it can be pretty overwhelming to start designing from scratch. That’s where Sazan Hendrix, of her eponymous lifestyle blog, Sazan, found herself after she and her husband moved into their new home in Glendale, California. As first-time home buyers (and now expectant parents!) they wanted to create a style-driven atmosphere mixed with a more traditional look that evoked both of their Texas roots, but were unsure of where to begin. Cue Z Gallerie, the California-based design gallery that was more than up to the task of delivering their chic coastal makeover, while maintaining a cozy, welcoming vibe that is perfect for the parents-to-be.

Check out the photos below for a peek inside Sazan and her husband’s incredible home, designed by Shana Wardle for Z Gallerie.

“We moved into this house close to three months ago. Being first-time home buyers, we definitely wanted to put more time and energy into this house and how we wanted it to look and feel. This is the first time we teamed up with a brand to bring our living space to life.”

“Being a fashion and beauty lifestyle blogger, you would think that [interior design] is something I have an eye for or [that] I know what I want. But when we had a call with the gallery, the first thing I told them was my husband and I—we’re both very indecisive. We don’t understand how to bring certain nooks and certain window pieces to life. It’s kind of foreign to me.”

“Z Gallerie does a really cool thing where they team you up with an interior designer that they work with. It’s not an in-house interior designer but somebody they work with privately through an agency. That’s where Shana comes in. Shana has her own agency called Sloane and Studio PR.”

“[Shana] helped us make our living space feel like us versus just another model home where a brand comes in and gives you all this stuff, and then you look around and you’re like, ‘Wait, this is not really me.’ She made a rendering in Photoshop where she took our living room and put it in a three-dimensional layout. We were able to actually see pieces that she thought would be great from Z Gallerie.”

“We’re originally from Texas, and we still like that cozy, homey feel. When somebody comes in, they’re not afraid to sit on your couch and sink into it. We wanted to find a way to mix fashion-forward pieces with that classic traditional look.”

“I obviously love the sofas. For us, that was the biggest piece of furniture that we really wanted to get right. We were really hesitant about the color. I’m pregnant, I have a golden retriever with sticky paws, [but] it’s a material that’s really easy to clean off with just a towel.”

“Stevie [my husband] loves [the design process] probably more than I do. It stresses me out, to be honest. I just want to walk into my home and have it already be done. He’s the type of person that enjoys the process and learning about different things. It’s incredible that he has been so hands-on, because I’m so busy. He really has stepped up to the plate.”

“I [was] the type of person that used to think that when you buy a house, or even when you’re renting a house, you immediately think, ‘We have to go to this store and get everything we need.’ You try to do a one-stop shop thing. My biggest advice is, if you are a home buyer and you want your home to feel and look how your heart desires, you really have to be patient and take it room by room.”

“I’ve been married two years. We travel a lot, and I really wanted to have something that we can cherish and one day put into one of our rooms. We actually have a stash—everywhere that we’ve ever gone, we take a rock. Maybe it was from a location where we were staying and has a memory attached to it. We still don’t know what to do with them! [laughs] I don’t know if we’ll frame them. Maybe put it in our nursery for our daughter.”

“The cool thing about where we live is we have the best of both worlds. I still feel that community Southern vibe that I use to have in Texas, but downtown L.A. is 15 minutes from our house. I like having both worlds and both options. Being in L.A., too, has given us so much more access to really cool stores and boutiques. We’ve been able to walk down La Brea and discover so many new furniture stores where they have cute little knick-knacks that you can put in your house. L.A. is kind of the melting pot where you can get so much variety.”

“I’m somebody who definitely likes to look stylish and chic, but I have to be comfortable 100 percent. I think that’s the exact same way I feel about our house. I want somebody to walk into our living room and for it to look Pinterest and really pretty, but for it to also be practical. They can actually walk around the living room without thinking something is going to break or afraid to touch something. Chic but comfortable at the same time.”