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The Only Playlist We’re Listening To This New York Fashion Week

Curated by none other than Brittany Sky.

The Only Playlist We’re Listening To This New York Fashion Week

We’ve got to admit: Fashion week is just as much about the music as it is the clothes. We find ourselves swaying to the beats of new, catchy (and usually remixed) songs at every show and presentation we go to. And then there are the dinners and parties, DJ’d by some of our faves (hi, Angel & Dren, Virgil Abloh, Sita Abellan, Chase B, and Amrit). Wherever we go, there’s music we’re dancing to (or loudly singing along to depending on how much champagne we’ve had). We’re all for it, which is why we had Brittany Sky curate a NYFW Coveteur playlist.

“Whether you’re getting ready to shred the runway or attend a show, this list has just about every song you need to get you in the mood,” says Sky, adding that plenty of party anthems made the cut. With that, we’re hitting Play and jumping into the fashion week madness. Here’s what we’ll be listening to all week long.


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