27 Boots For Wide Calves That You'll Actually Want To Wear

It *is* possible to find boots to fit wide calves!

By: Marie Southard Ospina

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For many of us, much of the year is spent dreaming of summer days. We imagine layers being shed, bikinis being bought, and pineapple-laced cocktails being poured. Reality unfortunately tends to be far more sweat-soaked, humidity-infested, and makeup-melting than all of that. Autumn, however, is another story entirely. There’s nothing quite like the first hint of pumpkin spice in your baked goods, the feel of a blanket scarf effortlessly draping your still-lightly-tanned neck, or the security that comes from slipping on some protective footwear. Getting your paws on boots for wide calves this season will ensure that you carry yourself with all the charm, comfort, and ease of what is actually the greatest season of the year.

Shopping wide-fit shoes has long been the stuff of nightmares: An ignored corner of the fashion industry limited to punk, Hot Topic-esque buckle boots or the kind of faux suede platforms that disintegrate when they touch water. Things are changing, though. Whether you fancy a deep burgundy pair of thigh-highs or a hyper-trendy, embroidery-clad set, 2017’s options are ready and willing to serve you.

The time has come to treat your feet to all the glory that fall has to offer, wide-calf boots included. After all, it’s those same feet that carry you through this tumultuous world day in and day out.


Florals For Days

Let us all take a moment to thank the Kardashian-Jenner family for helping to re-popularize over-the-knee boots. We are blessed to live in a time when purchasing embroidered floral shoes that are just as beautiful as our ample calves is actually possible.

Soft As Leather

If your tastes err on the side of higher-end luxury goods, look no further than Ted & Muffy’s wide-calf options. These vintage-inspired babies can be purchased to your measurements and further adjusted thanks to the lace-up detailing.

Spice Up Your Life

Look like your favorite Spice Girls member all autumn, fall, and spring long in these delightful platform booties. They are so late ’90s, yet so now.


Make a statement anywhere you go in these thigh-high, lace-up stiletto boots. They will see you through any fabulous evening out or glamorous stay in.

Rain Boots Revisited

Autumn isn’t without its flaws, random and intense rain showers included. This year, toss your over-used yellow rain boots to the side and wear the heck out of these polka dot ones instead. Every good classic needs a reboot once in a while.

Minimalist Dreams

With these industrial, minimalist Timberlands in your ‘drobe, your stems will be protected against any inclement weather.

Riding Boots

Every fashion lover needs a solid pair of black boots in their arsenal. These Karen Scott riding ones will go with any ensemble, for any event, and in any weather the skies throw at you.

A Sweater On Your Shoes

Combine a love for faux leather and sweater fabrications into one comfortable and cozy shoe. The Scarletta boots embody the warm and welcoming nature this season is known for.

Girl Of The 21st Century

With the help of these utterly one-of-a-kind, hot pink thigh-highs, you’ll look like the futuristic Zenon while keeping things rooted in the actual 21st century.

Forever Emo

If you spent your high school days wearing far too much eyeliner and rocking out to My Chemical Romance, you’ll undoubtedly love these nostalgic chunky boots. The platform heel and round toe are so emo it hurts; which is just as your early 2000s self would’ve wanted things.

Croc-Print Eleganza

For the more sophisticated palates out there, these crocodile-patterned suede boots are sure to accommodate your wide calves and elegant disposition alike.

No Blues In Burgundy

There are few colors as quintessentially autumnal as burgundy. Pair these highly trendy ruched beauties with your favorite tweed skirt or chunky plaid sweater and win fall 2017.

Western Vibes

Sometimes an outfit simply needs some classic country vibes. Take the West with you, wherever you may go, in this fresh take on cowboy-friendly footwear.

Asymmetrical Autumn

The asymmetrical cut of these boots give the classic look a little bit of edge. Wear these fancy gems with just about any ensemble and you’ll scream high fashion.

Beige & Bougie

There’s no reason not to bring your softer neutrals into autumn with you. These light beige platforms will brightly accent your outfits on any gray day that may come your way.

A Little Bit Of Patent

Update your essential black boots with a shiny patent toe. These ELOQUII originals are fancy yet easy-to-wear. In other words, they’re a sartorial godsend.

’90s Baby

If your wardrobe consists largely of tartan button-downs, black hoodies, and tattoo chokers, it’s time to face the facts: You’re still living in the ’90s. It’s alright, though. As these seemingly ’90s-inspired lace-up boots prove, the decade had its style perks.

Antique Accents

Clearly, whoever thought that adding wooden accents to leather-look shoes would make for a bonafide statement was a genius. These otherwise minimalist boots are sure to become a favorite thanks to their fabulously antique-inspired wooden cylindrical heel.

Let’s Be Clear

Your wide calves and wide feet are in for a surprise with these lace-up booties. Pair the statement-making kicks with your favorite socks if you want to go extra wild.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow hues needn’t be reserved for rain boots alone. These light mocha boots will make any autumnal look pop in the crisp sunlight.

Extra Wide

If you need just a little bit more calf room than your standard wide-fit shoe, these gray beauties are just the ticket. Minimal yet oh-so-sophisticated.

Sleek & Simple

Black may be the most classic wardrobe hue of all time, but gray is a close second. These buckled and ruched boots will make you feel sturdy, safe, and stylish.

Uncomplicated Bliss

There’s nothing quite as blissful as slipping into an outfit you didn’t have to think about, but in which you still look and feel glorious. With these vintage suitcase-colored riding boots as your foundation, the process just got a whole lot easier.

Punk Rock Chic

No one will want to mess with you when you’re rocking some denim-look combat boots. These Penny Loves Kenny kicks are edgy and totally rock ‘n’ roll.

Like A Quilt

A chestnut-colored boot is an irrevocable piece of fashion magic. This may just be the most autumnal color outside of burgundy, and the quilted backs should keep you feeling cozy and cool.

Boots For Days

Take the over-the-knee trend to new levels with these super thigh-high, low platform boots. The softness of the suedette material will be the most gorgeous of treats for your entire calves.

Such A Stud

Studs may seem so very early 2000s, but in reality, they’re a timeless kind of embellishment. The detailing on these dark green boots is subtle, but that’s precisely why it works so well.

With these wide-calf options at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to dress up your feet this season. Now all you need is the aforementioned pumpkin spice baked goods and you’ll be a sight for sore eyes.


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