Embrace Your Eclipse Obsession with These Celestial-Inspired Beauty Products

These beauty finds will send you over the…you know.

By: Katie Becker
Photography: Weston Wells

The eclipse craze is in full swing and no sector of our lives has gone untouched, including our beauty routines. We recently learned, courtesy of astrologers, that the celestial event will compel us to whack off our hair and that we should expect major career successes all around (sweet!). We have also learned, according to an article in Wired, that witnessing the event may literally make you cry. Deep stuff.

In the spirit of tuning in, we gathered up gorgeous new celestial-inspired beauty products, including highlighters that make you look like a galactic princess and a skincare find designed to match the moon’s 28-day cycle (the price is out of this world at $1,600). If you are positioned along the path of totality, however, we have yet to find a cosmic waterproof mascara, so may we suggest Laurel’s wedding-approved MAC favorite should you find yourself weeping with wonder.